New Garmin Zumo XT

Finally, 5 years after the Zumo 590LM there is a new flagship. Can’t wait to get hold of it.

I’d show interest if that footage wasn’t so badly faked.

Hmm. Looking at replacing the old Zumo 660, this might be it.

That offroading capability will be really handy around Kensington :wink:

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For Garmin adventurous riding read riding on the wrong side of the road :wink:

If it is so good, why did someone need to check what it is showing against their phone?

You can share routes from your phone to your device and with all your Garmin mates.

Do people with Garmins have mates?


Internet mates I suppose. Do they count as mates? Probably not.

Product wise I’m excited though I’ve had a 550, 660 and 595LM and each one was a significant improvement on the previous model. I still miss the 550 though. Those chunky buttons on the left were great and the fact it increased the value of my bike by 50%. I had some good adventures and miss adventures with that one.

Also I’m hoping that the route planning software has changed so I can remake all the videos.

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If anyone is getting I wouldn’t mind releiving them of their old units. Been looking on ebay for a while for one but one hasn’t come up at the right price

It’s madness what people will pay… I got £30 more than I paid for my 660 after 3years of owning it.

I wouldn’t have paid that much

I’ve a 590LM, immaculate that may be available. I’ll post here first.

@Serrisan somehow they really hold their value like Givi Luggage. Every unit I’ve sold I’ve made back about 50% of the purchase price even after 5 years. So each upgrade only costs me £200.

It’s interesting that £200 is what many people are willing to pay for a motorcycle specific satnav. After my initial investment in my 550 all those years ago I’ve only paid about that much for each upgrade factoring in the sale of the old item.

Here is the maths from last time. It’s actually real maths too not man maths.

'kin hell Joby… you set up a spreadsheet to subtract £250 from £450 :smile: ???


It’s a video. You need a visual or the viewers get bored.

If any one has or is buying a 590 then I recommend following this forum thread on how you can update/upgrade it into a 595. I’ve had mine done since Jan '19 and no issues at all and find the extra functionality a real benefit.

Oh wish I’d seen that before. Always wondered if it was possible given the hardware seemed to be the same.

Well it finally arrived and it’s mint. Ths screen is outstanding and it works really well.

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Are we going to get a full review?

Yes I want to put 1,000 miles on it first. Did 260 last weekend.

If you are after one Helmet City have them at 10% off.