New Game

Have you ever wondered, what is the largest animal you could kick to death might be?

The rules are simple:-

You and your chosen beast are alone in a 20foot diameter 6foot deep pit.

I`ll start with an easy one, an earthworm (Lumbricus Terestris)

Over to you…

A frog

You go girl! There pretty quick but I guess you could wear it down on a hot sunny day.

Not another ‘bump my posts up without having to contribute to the forum’ post:doze:

Yep :w00t:

How rude! This is a real game in some places:exclamation:

lol you guessed right fishface :smiley:

A jetstreamasaurus.

Ok you win i’ll play the game , my answer is…jetstream:P

damm pj u beat me to it

At least it got you involved!

Since Jetstream is very small you have not surpassed a frog!

Ok i agree with fishy, its just a mechanism for inflating ones own ego, so i am not going to post on it…Doh:pinch:

[ fishy is not my answer]:slight_smile:

It`s just a game to pass a wet monday evening!

Its just a joke to pass a wet monday evening :smiley:

Never mind, soon be Tuesday then we can start all over again.

I’m worried about the required mentality to create said “game” …

We did not create it - its a game played by teachers on holiday

I reckon a cow, if I was wearing steel toes.

I want to have a bash at that Bigbird off of Sesame Street, I hate that F’ing Yellow B@$tard… :w00t:

Amy Winehouse AND Pete Doherty - both are animals, both would get the drop kick to the face…time after time after time after time after time after time after time after time after time until the twitching stopped.:smiley: