New bike time

Cheers Mate I’ve sent him an email. I remember seeing one of those genuine chips turning up at infinity when I worked there in 04 it was the bike I first rode and it’s why I’ve always wanted a Mille

Gabro is the nuts. Nice bike Shiv.

I think the original racing chip and can sets are like some sort of hallowed unobtanium these days .

Thought as much it’s been awhile. They came in a fancy blue box with the chip in the middle was like ooooh I gotta own one of these bikes when I’m older.

So it was greys hair…check rsvr…check yeap I’m older now haha

Hmm you’ve got a track record of things going bang with you…

Get to battersea you can you break you buy!

Looks good Shiver… Much better than that poncy gixxer piece of sh1t :smiley:

NICE mate

That email didn’t work do I joined the forum to ask about a EPROM chip

you want this forum

And this member

AF1 is “the” forum for apes … owned and run by AF1 aprilia … Total ape geeks of the highest order :smiley:

Just got on there and posted my thread it didn’t even make the cut so f-ck that place I can’t be bothered

Which place ? what cut ?

The forum you link I joined and posted my thread in the correct area aprilia news and it didn’t go through so tried again and still same sh!t so unless I need to press a special button or no the right person I can’t be bothered with that forum reminds me of that clickly bunch on the sv forum

Wanna be in der does ya not ?

Although if you just type " chip " or eprom into the mille section search you will get more info than you can handle :slight_smile: special thread for noobs :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope I’ve given up on it already can’t be arse.

The seller has a Evo chip 2253 RSV 2001 he’s sending me but said the fuel pump wouldn’t prime so it’s either a knackered chip or needs a descrambler

+1. I’m always on there for my ape. Learned so much off that forum - it’s a great resource.

Well the thread went up I think

Either way Garbo got back to me he can sort out a chip for my mods and send it out €75 all in :slight_smile:

its the encyclopedia of aprilia I think Barry is a little premature in his dismissal .