New bike time

Out with the old and in with the new

More pictures to follow when it dries up out there

You will need it to be dry or that will definitely brake down on you seeing as its Italian :hehe:

PMSL at least you got more than a wheel…very nice.

thought you was setting yourself a £1500 max budget :laugh: if you got it for less than that fair play :w00t:

i’ll guess you’ll be visiting that B fella with all the fancy suspension you have there :smiley:

Sadly raining on your parade, but the brake callipers are inthe ‘old’ position. The latest research is they have to be more towards the 90*to the stanchion for optimal effects. But hey, nothing wrong in old tech, you still have fun :slight_smile:

Awww jog on

Out with the old bike aka my gsxr in with the new bike to me today my Mille.

Gp got it for more than £1500 but oh we’ll it’s worth it

I have oil filters and a spare clutch slave for one of those … You will want that clutch slave its good to have 2 of them . Its the budget option to the MPl or oberon upgrade . I would also recommend removing its current clutch fluid and replace it with citreon suspension fluid . I have a theory that they are like my KTM and have the wrong rubber for DOT4 . It wont break down the rotax engine in that is one of the finest twins ever made :slight_smile: . Many huge mileage examples of that engine around .

i like that shape, tho all big twins should have twin pipes!:smiley: that’s the single pipe one?

nice, enjoy, and don’t bin it;)

Yes a nice motor in those, the Rotaxs were used in some of the last Buells too… tried them all, pretty fast, no back brake to speak of :crazy:

Magura clutch ? Use mineral oil only I think, not DOT4 :slight_smile:

See thats the thing … every manual every forum every dealer uses DOT4 in them … But having KTM experience I think the rest of the world is wrong . I tried it in my Falco and its slowed the blackening down and the seals lasted much much longer . Brembo rear brakes are always rubbish … Superduke one is rubbish too .

I put only mineral in my KTM clutch, not that there is any need to change it at anything like brake fluid frequency. Last service it came back with some mysterious green (LHM ?) stuff in it. :rolleyes:

Yup thats the citreon stuff … Nice and green and quarter of the price of the red KTM stuff :smiley:

Ive got alot to learn it seems

The standard can has been changed since this picture earlier

very very nice… but feck me is that stock can a cannon or what? :w00t:

It weighed a bomb!!!

Right so now I know what to look out for in Clapham… :smiley:

that can looks like a ship’s funnel!

That looks loverly Barry ,

i like the angle you took the pic’s so peeps cant see the truely awesome size of ya exhuast…