New bike time

OMG WHY?? :D:w00t::hehe::pinch:

Nice ride Baz , back on the Twinz !!

Cheers guys 'twas a nice ride in this morning even going slow as its been dropped a tooth on the front.

It’s getting new:

Flasher relay
Intergrated tail light (see if I like it)
Head race bearings
Suspension setup
Reg plate

For now…

Dropping a tooth at the front is standard mod for ones used for commuting . Its either that or clutch cruelty ))


very nice bike mate :slight_smile:

Ahem… What does that mean?


It’s a very torquey engine so down in the lower speeds it’s a nightmare for commuting so putting the teeth down by down on the front makes it easier and less jerky

Lovely bike, always fancied one of them myself. Enjoy that sound :smiley:

Lovin’ that bass cannon baz :wink:

It means having a front sprocket with one less tooth, which actually gives you shorter gearing doesn’t it? Don’t you mean add a tooth at the front, or drop three at the back?


Lubberly jubberly…

Seem to remember you could get a “race chip” for these too…which would release more ponies. should be your new favourite web-site…not that I am trying to get rid of you … :smiley:

The reason you drop a tooth is so you can use second in traffic smoother . The gearing as standard is very long so you end up either revving hard in first or chattering and slipping the clutch in second . One tooth off the front gives it a better balance .

Gotcha :wink:

ah the joys of a big twin in town :smiley:

waxy’s right the R’s you could get a chip for, you could convert it to twin pipes too- better for a twin :wink:

There is a chap called Garbo who custom makes chips to your requirments or modifications . He only does aprilias as far as I know and is hailed as a bit of a genius . I can try and dig out his details from the Ape forum if you like ?


DO IT!!!

And erm nope single pipe it’ll stay

[email protected] Gabro … Lives in Italy … Has done countless chips for the guys at AF1 . Try that mails if no joy I will contact him through the forum direct .

i`ve got one question for ya…

when can i have a go?