Never thought I'd say this, but Biker Down

And it bloody hurts.
My bike is totaled, :crying: and I’m battered, bruised but unbowed. Thank god for decent leathers, and my ‘Bullet Proof’ jeans, which didnt rip at all, and I’m glad I had the added hip armour in them.

Was on the Nth Circ, Luckily not going too fast :Whistling:, and a car pulled out, as I rolled down the road, thinking, ok, no serious pain yet, I stopped, I lay in the road, and then the driver came up uttering those immortal words “Sorry mate I didn’t see you” :angry:

Both thumb’s are sprained methinks, my hip is the size of a football, and my shoulder is beginning to ache like a mo fo.

Thanks to me_groovy who came and made sure I was ok and thanks groovy for offering me a lift back, but the nice policemen helped there.

Now all the fun of the insurance merry-go-round :blink:

sorry to here of it but glad you’re okay!

Where on the North Circ, as the jam on the A41 for the North Circ exit was back to Swiss Cottage at 17.30 today.

Glad you are just battered, and nothing worse.

Good luck with the insurance, at least the bike can be replaced, you can’t.

when do I get my Smiled club number?? :smiley:

Really sorry to hear this, hope you get well soon.

Sorry to hear that.

Sorry to hear this but very glad you’re not badly hurt. Good luck with the insurance claim. Am I right in thinking you were on one of the B-Kings on Jetstream’s Sammy Miller rideout?

That’s just horrible. Another SMIDSY victim – there must be an award you can get for this?

Get better soon.

Glad to hear your (semi) OK. Feckin cagers who dont look gawd-damnit. Good luck with the insh1tance…

Ouch :pinch: sounds painful I must say, hope you get better soon! Your poor shiny B King :frowning: Who’s Tug gonna compare bikes with now! Maybe get the turbo version now? :smiley:

just what I was thinking :slight_smile:

Yep thats me

I like the word SMIDSY, lol. Glad to hear your ok :smiley:

how could anyone not see or hear that beast of a bike!!?? :ermm:

hope you mend quickly mate

Bad news fella, :frowning:

OOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nnnnnnnnnooooooooooooo!!! That’s sh1t! I’m so sorry to hear that my dear, and the poor bike…that’s such a shame. I hope you heal up ok and hope the insurance situation fairs smoothly for you.

So glad you’re ok mate! :wink:

Marta showed me the photo down at Borough Market, looks like you’ve had a lucky escape there! I dare say it’s going to hurt in the morning! :stuck_out_tongue:

And I’m sure you’re also thinking about saving the Two Brothers exhausts before it gets written off! :wink:

Heard about this at BM tonight, real shame.

And for f*ck sake, how anyone could miss a B King I don’t know…

Excuse the last one, it’s just my hip and it’s getting bigger :frowning:

ooh dear, that bikes a bit bent init!

sorry to hear of your off dude, hope you heal fast!