Neighbour moving motorcycle from parking space?

Met up with a mate late today ~

his neighbour parked in a parking space allocated to him, and moved his motorcycle which was anchored to a pillar…and mine, anchored next to his. Whereas my bike is definitely in an okay space, his had crossed into the neighbour’s space.

Apparently the space has not been used by the neighbour and his bike was in the neighbour’s parking space. The fokkin moron moved both bikes and jammed them against each other, scratching the exhaust. It looks like he twisted my bike on its rear wheel leaving it disjoined.

Well I’ve just got back now to see what’s happened, and there’s no obvious damage to my bike, but there is to my neighbour’s. But it leaves me wondering what kind of neighbour is this? Sure - the space might have been his, but don’t most people have the courtesy to ask others to move? He’ never asked permission to move the motorcycles, and the shared leasehold doesn’t include vigilante rights to touch or damage others’ property. My mate is close to ending up in prison. I’m trying to be a little more sanguine about the whole thing. It is shared private property, and tampering with others motorcycles seems a greater offence than parking in a space which has been unoccupied for 10 years.

Any recommendations for what route to take? Inform insurance company? File a police crime report? Or private solicitor?

Thanks for any help.

go with your friend and explain in detail at your local cop shop.

from the limited detail you’ve given there may be a case for criminal damage so it’s worth going and reporting it properly


This is a grey area. Basically, your neighbour should have parked in his own space, however, as you say, no one has ever parked there so its easy to become relaxed in this situation and park where ya want. Regardless of all this, the eejit shouldn’t have moved your bikes. That’s like taking a forklift to a car and moving it!! Maybe you should suggest this as a course of action should the idiot touch your bikes again!! :smiley:

If you are saying the bike was parked on the guys land/parking space I think he had every right to move it. I’m not seeing a difference between him moving/touching a bike and somebody using his property…As for damage to the bike…I imagine it would be easy to clain it had been done prior to this incident ?:wink:

If it bothered him that the bike was parked where it was he should have asked your mate politely to move it - not move it himself.

Go to the cop shop and get it registered as an act of criminal damage. Get a quote from a shop on what it will cost to put right and get the focker to pay up for it.

If he refuses go to small claims court?

Did anyone actually see the neighbour move the bike, or has he admitted doing it? You can’t assume he was the one who did the moving, although the circumstantial evidence appears to point towards him.I think the way ahead, assuming there is no actual evidence that he did it, is to switch on the diplomacy buttons and have a friendly conversation with him to ascertain (a) whether he did in fact move it, and if so, (b) would he pay for the damage to the exhaust. You also need to make sure he knows it is unacceptable for him or anyone else to move other people’s bikes without their permission, and make sure he knows how to contact the resident bikers if he needs to.

If there is evidence or are witnesses and he refuses to pay up then, yes, it is worth reporting it to the police (you might want to just report it anyway for statistical reasons but I would question whether that’s an effective use of their time, and yours).

At least the damage wasn’t greater, and the fact has been established that he does now use his space.

if you were in my parking space i too will move it.

So your bike wasn’t in his space but your mates bike was?


It wasn’t intentional! He made room for me…the irony :frowning:

Just shoot all trespassers eh?! Did you emigrate from the wild west or something? :hehe:

Well that kind of sums up my thinking too. I wouldn’t dare touch anyone else’s bike, let alone move it. Maybe that’s just my standards. What I don’t get, is the sheer hatred involved in an act of moving someone’s elses’ bike. That takes a lot of effort - particularly when they’re chained - just to make ones’ point. He must’ve been seething with hatred just seeing someone’s bike parked in his space, and it isn’t even his car!

Yup…I think that’s the path we’re going. Despite being on good terms with all the neighbours for years - suddenly, a ‘Private Hire’ car with one of those sickening blue PRIVATE HIRE signs - you see them being driven badly trying to kill everyone on the roads - turns up. It’s the mental attitude which is perturbing: my engine oil line got ripped off and the engine oil poured out on the road; and then someone messing with my neighbour’s bike. On top of that; several bike thefts from the block in the past year too. It’s just too co-incidental to pass by.

Photographs - of his car jamming into the space, and the motorcycles crushed together on one side to make room for his car. His car also has a PRIVATE HIRE SIGN stated 11.03.10. We’ll see what he says when he gets a letter from the solicitor/police.

Really? Is that the kind of guy you are?

If you were in my parking space, I’d leave a note and ask. If you were my neighbour, I’d knock on your door or slip a note and ask why.

My mate did me a big favour because he didn’t want the rest of the neighbours thinking some other strange bike had just parked in the complex. There were plenty of other empty spaces too. Seems like some territorial mean-spirited person wanted to assert their territorial rights, however crossed the line over into criminal damage.

Thanks for all the replies too. It’s certainly got me thinking about taking liberties in parking spaces, either private, forecourt, street pavement, or otherwise. The spread of responses also makes it clear, that there are always hardliners, as well as easy-going others who prefer to communicate and work things out. Thank God.

If someone parks in my parking space I block them in and don’t move until it’s convenient for me. There is specific allocated visitors spaces and people are lazy and park in other people’s spaces and the frequency at one time annoyed most residents.

Also I moved a scooter the other day who just jammed his bike into a tiny space which meant I could no longer get my car out in a public road. I had no option, it was either that or leaving my car and having no method getting home. I was careful and made sure I didn’t damage the scooter whilst moving it.


So would you also move my car? You touch my bike i will rearrange your face:angry:



No, I didn’t emigrate from the wild west , I emigrated from London…:hehe:

I didn’t suggest shooting anyone but for you to complain about people touching your/mates property whilst feeling perfectly happy to do what you like with theirs is just…strange. Owning a bike doesn’t make you right;)
I see you say this thread had made you think about taking liberties with parking…a little bit more of that would have avoided all of this anyway as a liberty was clearly taken…
I can’t see the Police being even slightly interested in this given their resources.:smiley:

From previous, bitter experience, if I was to go up to your neighbour and accuse him of moving the bikes on this basis, then I can guarantee that what actually happened was some other bugger did the bike moving and parked in there for a short time, then drove off, then the neighbour simply used the recently vacated space without touching the bikes at all! I recommend strongly that you obtain irrefutable evidence before accusations start to fly.

A photo of a parked car and moved motorcycles, after the car had been parked and the motorcycles had been moved, is very much un-irrefutable, and accusations made on that basis might end up doing far more harm than good.

Just my 10 penceworth; feel free to ignore :slight_smile:

Doesn’t anyone think that the guy should have asked first if it was ok to park on someone else private property?
Nothing to do with biker and non-biker. You take liberties, then things happen.
Sorry for the bike that got damaged but somehow, 100% his fault!!!

again another I ride a motorcycle therfore rules don’t apply to me thread

if you parked on a street and bike was over marked bay you would get a ticket

if you parked in your front garden but bike tyre was in next doors garden it would create conflict

if you park on someone elses property you should accept all liability for any thing that happens …

yes the owner of the space regardless of if it s a private hire vehicle or not (and how nice to tar all private hire drivers with the same brush by the way but i suppose is a bit like people who would read all the threads on here about how bikers believe themselves to be above the law would think about all bikers afterwards and think we are all like that …) could have come and asked etc but in reality why should they have to chase people for their own space … i bet your friend would not like people parking over his marked bay …

you should be glad it was moved instead of the bay owner attempting to park within theirown marked bay and reversing into the bikes …

I’m on the verge…!

Try reading the thread again. No one is trying to say that parking in an empty space is right. It has been empty for around 12 years (the owners of the space don’t drive).

‘Taking liberties’ to move someone’s bike has its consequences too: having reviewed what happened, the driver of the car, trespassed into my mate’s parking space to move my motorcycle, and managed to scrape the exhausts of both by jamming one up against the other, due to the Almax chain refusing to let him move it any further.

I guess this is one reason why I wouldn’t touch someone’s else’s bike. You just can’t predict the consequences, and although you might be reasonable in your intention, the actions and consequences that follow, might show otherwise. Whereas he might have had an argument to move my mate’s bike, it doesn’t sound so convincing if he had to trespass onto the car parking space, and move mine, which was nowhere near his parking space.

Photographs all taken and completed. It is also a London Public service vehicle: owners of their own cars, are less likely to treat hire cars in such careless ways, no?

That’s just silly. No one is disputing that rules don’t apply. The precedent was - that this parking space was vacant for over 10 years; there were plenty of other empty spaces too. The bike would have been moved if the guy had asked. It’s not about rules: it’s about social courtesy. Or the lack thereof.

You’re mistaken again. I guess it’s hard not to be, if you’re judging everyone by your own brush. Some of the other motorcycle riders in the block used to jam their bikes in his space.

That’s why we have a police force :smiley:

If someone has damaged your property you have every right to report it to the police. Two cars have been dumped in our street for nearly six months and are stopping the neighbours parking. However, much as we would like to move them ourselves, we cannot. If someone wants to park where you are parked, then there are legal ways of letting you know. Removing your bikes and causing damage is not one of them.

Good luck with this one.

You’d think butter doesn’t melt in the mouths of some of the guys making comments on this thread :w00t: You self righteous buggers, I bet you’re the kind of people who never get honked at either :wink: The space goes unused for a number of years then suddenly the guy decides he wants to use it (fair enough!) and takes it upon himself to move someones elses bike and damaging it in the process (NOT fair enough!)

What happened to a bit of community spirit? I’d like to think my neighbours had my back and in return I have theirs, I don’t know the owner of the bike but I’m sure all it would have taken is a simple request for it to be moved.

I don’t believe in “an eye for an eye” but certainly follow it up somehow.

if you were in my space yes i would move your bike and i would have every right to do so. if you parked your car there i would do as some1 suggested above and park my car so you could not get out or phone the parking people to mover your car for me.
wot right have you got to park anywhere that some1 else pays for, obviously you are the type of person who does not care about that and does wot he likes.
if you think thats wrong then i dont care but to call me a pr1ck for that reason shows that your are the pr1ck.

Even if you haven’t used the space for 10 years? And he was your neighbor? You wouldnt even try and ask nicely, knowing that he may one day be able to help you out - i.e stop a thief from entering your property while you’re away on holiday?


Complete hard arse huh?

For the sake of your community, I hope you live in a detached house! :wink: