Neighbour moving motorcycle from parking space?

hang on why am i in the wrong here?
you pay for a space you are doing so for a reason so you can park at all times, who said about not using it for 10 yrs etc? if that was the case knock on the blokes door and ask if he dont mind, its called common courtesy which seems to be lacking around here.
i bet if it was the opposite way round you come home and you are cant park you would not be so nice and up every1s ar5e about it.
and no kyle i do not live in a detatched house i just dont have neighbours who obviously like you dont take the p1ss.
if i recognise the bike i may knock and ask to move it but still think its taking the p1ss.

Yeah that’s what I’m getting at, the space was (apparently) going unused for 10 years and no attempt was made to get in touch with the owner about it before action to move the bike was taken.

My point really is that it seems people are often keen to make enemies of neighbors, I really don’t understand that myself.

Common courtesy is the key, as you said :slight_smile: Wasn’t causing the guy any real harm, certainly not being malicious, and ends up with a damaged bike.

yeah just re-read the original post, missed the bit about it not been used but still reckon asking is the way to go, specially if you say he could have knocked and asked to move etc the same goes the other way round in could have knocked to say was in the space a bit.
if he pays for said space then i would think he has every right to move it so trying to claim for damage surely is a no no as they will say should not have parked there.

Yeah, personally I wouldn’t look at making a claim. I’d try to stand the upper ground, have a civilized word and let him know he could have just asked then sit back and let karma decide who’s right or wrong :smiley:

What i fail to understand is the fact that because it is a bike people feel they have a god given right to move it themselves. If it was a car or van that had encroached the parking space would the same person be seen trying to push the vehicle out of the way, i very much doubt it.

It’s not yours to touch so come and ask to have it moved.

Kyle Forrester (13/03/2010)

So let say you have a property abroad that you are hardly ever using, it is ok if I move in and make myself home? Sorry if it doesn’t go down well you the bunch of lefty that seems to post here but as far as I am concerned, private property is everything…

You trespass on private land, the owner should be able to chase your arse out of there with guns and dogs…
You park on what is clearly not yours to park, anything happening to your vehicle is your own doing for not respecting someone else sacrosaint right to do as he please and when he please with HIS property!!! even if he doesn’t need to do anything with it. He has the right not to let you park there!!! Capish???

I think it’s more down to the “moveability” of a bike that it got moved, not just because it’s a bike lol.

Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau (13/03/2010)

You wrote an aggressive post and used lots of explanation marks so you must be right.

Gotcha :wink:

Get back to your morphine Fred, you are obviously on drugs:PI have neighbours who regularly park at such an angle across their drive that they block my wifes car in, i just go round there and ask them if it would be possible for them to park straight and they then move their car. Maybe i should just park my car behind theirs and thus stopping them from getting out. Thats going to help the situation isn’t it.

Commonsence is all it takes, obviously missing from some people.

thats not the case in this circumstance really, its is a bike that can be moved yes but is in some1 elses parking space, i totally agree if it was in a public space but if it in some1s space or on their property they have every right to move it, your the 1 that should not be there.
and i’m with chief inspector, we have not all got to agree with the original post.
and i think if you had th tools to move a car you would, you can call council these days and they will do it for you.

Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau (13/03/2010)

bang on m8. :smiley:

Wouldn’t bother mate, just go round there with a knife and murder the family before setting fire to the evidence.

Problem solved.

I’m curious, did the neighbour move the bikes so as to park his vehicle in the space and if this is so what has he been doing with it for the past 10 years? Is the space allocated because it is a shared accomodation so falls under the rent? Or did he just not like the bikes parked outside his window? Has your mate ever parked his bike in the space before?

Choprocker (13/03/2010)

No, they don’t. It’s called interfering with a motor vehicle. If the vehicle is damaged in this illegal act, it’s called criminal damage.

You want something moved, you call the council or, in emergencies, the police who will then arrange for the council to come and remove the vehicle. The council may or may not treat these requests as urgent…

Hey guys ~ cool it. No need to make enemies of each other either! It’s bad enough with those cagers and hired cagers as it is! :smiley:

Well after doing my field work all day, it appears that the hired car driver, does not belong to the neighbour who owns the car parking space.

This really takes the biscuit :crazy:

Not intending to upset or do a 1 upmanship to those on their high horses, let’s call a truce here :wink:

I’ve no idea who’s car it is, but to move a motorcycle to fit into a space that isn’t even theirs is rather bewildering? Is it possibly stolen and in hiding?

How would I go about finding out who the owner is?

Block it in with your bike and see who moves it:D

PJ ~ the owners of the parking space are over 70 and suffer from Diabetes Mellitus.

They don’t drive, nor do they have children.relatives. They are very friendly to my mate and typical old timer Londoners. Most of the block here are - so it’s surprising for us to see this kind of wretched behaviour creeping in. My mate knows his block residents by first name terms.

Looking at the parking spaces, it looks like the behemoth hire car driver decided he couldn’t fit into any of the other spaces, and so took one in the middle, which required less navigation. Incredible.

PJ ~ I’m a wimp. I actually enjoy riding a working bike! :rolleyes:

So the car doesn’t belong to the neighbours or relatives of said neighbours, in that case leave a polite note on the windscreen explaining that you have taken photographic evidence that they have damage the bike they very rudely moved and the details of the car are now with the police. Maybe next time you dump your car and damage someone else’s vehicle you will think twice about it.

Or you could just let the tyres down;) joking;)

You know, my mate was about to do that and I had a hard time restraining him before he ends up doing something illegal out of anger. They know where he lives, but not where I live :smiley: