Need to go some where

I’m the good looking one

In that case, you must be the one holding the camera then… :upside_down_face:


Nice KTMs :slight_smile:

Thanks Jay but that hasn’t helped my crushed ego very much

I’m sorry @eezie, but despite 17 years of trying, the LB community is not qualified to offer psychotheraputic advice.

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Missed opportunity if you ask me @Jay. The collective wisdom from this bunch would save the NHS a fortune in psychiatric costs.

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Why did this come to mind:

Want time are you planning to be in FF? Still not sure, but if I make it I’ll explain.

10.30? Let me know if you are going and I’ll make sure we are on time / wait if early.

10:30 is good. I’ll let you know first thing.

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Do you guys all live near FF?

Nope, we’re 30, 40 and 50 miles from Finchingfield.

I’m about 80 minutes away. But it’ll be a quick wizz around the M25, and then drop on to some nice country roads.

A lot nearer than the Ace!

Get your arse in gear and you’re welcome to join us :slight_smile:

I’m meeting Vern at the Shell Roundabout in Watford at 09:00. We should be in FF for about 10:20.


Well tyre pressures checked, oil topped up, brakes tested, coolant level checked, lights tested.

Petrol to be topped up tomorrow.

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Just been for a coastal run/blast - bike all good :slight_smile:

A good day. Blue skies, sunshine, but a little chilly at times with @bluelagos @National_Treasure @BigVern and a stop for a tea with @djmrmagic

Thanks for a most fun and interesting day. :sunglasses:


At least some people had a good day out.

If anyone would like a free Cardo Freecom 2+, it is yours to collect from the M25, somewhere between the A3 and M3.

And if anyone wants a bit of my bike, hopefully there is not any of it at the U-turn junction of the A25 to allow the A248 to turn right where it had a nice lie down.

Apart from that and crazy glucose readings, I had a good day. Saw a big ol’ cruise ship in Southampton, said hello to a dog,

Funnily enough my garmin detached itself when I was riding along. Bounced off the road, into ditch and recovered by an LBr. Not sure I’d have spotted it had I been on my own.