Need to clear this up with the forum

Update for anyone reading the first page.

Such member has sent me a pm saying sorry it got out of hand so no hard feelings but a round of teas is due :slight_smile:


whats up dude!? who upset ya!:w00t:

I’m being a fecking stalker! Not impressed how my name gets involved in this school ground antics.

Banter is fine but when it’s a female saying this what’s next a rape claim to the police?

Is this miss plum starting trouble again?

lol nice detective work shiver :smiley:

Yeap using my name to talk aload of crap.

Enough is enough it was funny when jasonb put up that thread it’s all abit of fun but I now fear a backlash of police or members thinking I’m some nonse.

dude chill!

you aint done anything wrong have ya?

so allow it…dont get so involved in the banter…it pays to stay clear;)

If I was you I’d take it up with the person/people you told about this and remind them that discretion is the better part of valour.

Thanks for the link BTW- always nice to see some quality art. :wink: :slight_smile:

Nah I’m clean but this has now gone past a joke so before this gets out of hand ive put this up for all to see.

ahhh Shivs.

Just a personal word with her will fix it all up. Pick up your pride and just talk to whoever’s pissed you off.

But please, PLEASE, can I have a link to the thread? :smiley:

nothing wrong with a bit of googling Baz, if people want to interpret that as noncing then that’s their problem mate.

…nothing wrong with a bit of noncing either come to think of it lol :smiley:

WTF is this all about :ermm:

Again, all very true.

If they dont want people to search it on the internet

DONT ******* POST IT.

My name going through the dirt that I’m after miss plum because I found her pictures on google which she spoke about infront of us at blackheath.

The ironic thing is I dont fancy her. the more childish she becomes talking behind my back the more Of a joke it is she’s claiming I do.

so i take it this is not your another personal attack, no?

reading a bit futher into your post i am now curious as to find out how you know that she is talking behind your back? maybe she’s not, why don’t you talk to her, and like others said resolve this issue with her privately.

i getting fed up with personal attacks popping up

time to shame her!!!

post her pictures up on here so i can become her new stalker!!!

i’m not!!! these are the only threads i get involved in! other stuff like what members had for brekfast or tv they watched does not intrest me!

HAHAHAHA i made that comment flippantly about some boring crap someone was liely to write about, go bk into general chat and there is actually a thread about breakfast!

girls on a male dominated forum = after attention. Never seen anything to tell me otherwise…

other than the nice ladies on here that just want to talk bikes of course… you know who you are :kiss: