Naseem Hamed jailed for car crash

15 Months. Too lenient? Glad to see he wasn’t able to buy his way out of this one.

Judge wanted to give him more. I dunno what he’s like as a person but I’m glad he’s being treated like everyone else would be.

Fair play to the system here. For a change.

Pity about the £300k Merc McClaren tho.

Good i hate celebrities and rich f**ks who get caught driven stupidily quick, crashing, drugs and nothing happenes its stupid.

serves him right for being a prick then

I used to watch ALL of Naseem’s fights back in the day… He’s turned into a fat prick, that think’s he’s above everyone else…

dont hold back foxy, tell us what you really think

I don’t normally mince my words… lol…

Was a fantastic fighter but I hated the arrogant prick’s guts for disrespecting his opponents the way he did. Glad he’s got what he deserved.

Foxy, to be fair he was allways a prick. But, before he was a showwy prick who could box.

Yeah your right, but I was younger back then and almost liked his arrogance… Looking back you see thing for the way they really are…

my god he has been eating the pies hasn’t he…he will probably ask for a job in the kitchen!!

From the BBC:

The judge criticised the DVLA for refusing to reveal that Hamed had been banned before for driving at 110mph.

The Honorary Recorder of Sheffield, Judge Alan Goldsack, told Hamed: “I find it astonishing that the DVLA has not been prepared to co-operate with the prosecution to give them details of your earlier offences - apparently on human rights grounds.”

I am a little lost here (not that much of a surprise under the current Labour Gov). Why is it that you need to give this information about a driving ban to your insurance company but in a court of law it’s against the human rights of the person?

Would Porky (the only cop I’ve noticed on this site) or any other officer be able to help with this or is it thanks to another use of the human rights bill to help the criminal and fook the next person he crashes head on into and puts in hospital? If this TW@T comes out of jail and hurts another person on the road I think the human rights bill should be “thanked”

Hells Teeth it gets worse. I’ve never really been 100% convinced about this business of not taken prior offences into account. It is argued that it colours the minds of the judge/jury, but surely it coloured the mind of the offender?


It’s all pants.

I imagine ‘Prince’ is going to be given a hard time in prison, all those inmates who must fancy their chances taking him in the ring. And that’s just in the showers.

who cares who he was or what he was. He got the rewards when things were going well for him, now he is a complete arsehole and he should be greatful he got off so lightly. You do the crime you do the time, and if you drop your soap in the shower, leave it there.

The human rights bill was passed by a government which the majority of the people in this country voted for, the people decided and now we are lumbered with them. To be fair and balanced they have also introduced other friendly legislation like the minimum wage and employee protection legislation, but even these areas of law can be abused.

I have a bit of fatalist pov when it comes to criminal offences like speeding. If ya done it and got caught then ya got to face the consequences. However thats not to say I wouldn’t be mad, but it would be at myself for being caught.

There are grey areas here and each case should be dealt with on its own merits. eg if I had a prosecution for a bald tyre 15 years ago does it have any bearing on a fine for speeding today?

Fact is here the prosecution wanted to hang him out to dry and wanted information from the DVLA to prove he was habitually breaking the speed limit and to get a harsher sentance. IMHO there was enough evidence available to them to send him down for a much longer jail term. It just wasn’t used.

I have no problem with a court handed out sentance like this. I am however annoyed that some of us can get arbitrariliy be handed bike ASBO’s as has happened to adam.

Rant over.

Andrew, I so wanted to say it wouldn’t be the first time he got knocked around the ring but didn’t think it was in good taste.


“There are grey areas here and each case should be dealt with on its own merits. eg if I had a prosecution for a bald tyre 15 years ago does it have any bearing on a fine for speeding today?”

I agree with you in points. But if you went to court for speeding (being a danger on the road to others) and then a couple of years later you have a head-on crash because of speed. Then I feel your rights on “having done the time for the crime” is not worth as much as mine and others on the roads safety. If you have not been able to learn from you last court date that your speed is a danger to me and others then if you end up in court again for this the court should know your history.

The fact is that this guy was taking the pi$$ from the start of his boxing life. I hope that he has as many hammerings in the ring like he did to others while boxing

He’s a sht faced cck master and no mistake!!!

Why, when someone is convicted of such a major motoring offense, do they get a ban for 1,2,3 years. Surely they should NEVER be allowed behind the wheel again!!!

Hehe I dunno what you’re talking bout Dan! ?