My wales Ride ..

Thanks to every one who recommended route to wales…has been a gorgeous two days of riding…some stunning views and hitting top speeds on open roads…marvellous…
…two days…500 miles has taken its toll though…am absoltuly broken right now… still…every mile was worth it …:)…attaching some pics … :w00t:








Great pictures :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice one Taks :slight_smile: Wales is truly beautiful, and a wonderful place to ride as well. I’ve got some very fond memories of it.

Looks like I,m gonna have to add a trip to Wales in the Summer to my list of things to do.

I did however do the Dragon Rally in February, scenery somewhat different :stuck_out_tongue:



Great pics Taks

Going to have to add Wales to the many trips already on the list.

wow great pics! lovely, ive never been to wales, :slight_smile: how sad is that;)

There’s Lovely:)

I too spent the weekend in Welsh Wales (Gower, Brecons and Neath)

Took these at Rhossili… 4 miles of sand on a Bank Holiday Monday… Gorgeous:)





…now thats beauty…:w00t:… its really a shame that i need to ride 160 miles to reach a place like that…aww man…if it only could be a bit nearer… :frowning:

Taks, where abouts was that bridge in the photo?.. I’m off up there in a couple of weeks, got a wicked route planned, B&B booked all I need is good weather lol.

Ang, the bridge crosses the Garreg-Ddu Reservoir and the Caban Coch, closest village is Elan Village accessed from the A470 (mid wales), we were up there last November, theres another two there as well, fantastic weather during the day but well frosty overnight,

If you are touring the North you gotta check out the Horseshoe Pass (A542) just outside Llangollen, great roads and great views.

…heres the link …
go along the west street and u will reach the bridge.

Thanks Jackie, Horseshoe Pass was already on my route up… and the bridge, also looking at my map is on my route back, tho I’ll make a point of going and finding it now.

These pictures make me homesick :crying:

great pics - the ones of beach at Rhossili (sp) remind me of my childhood!


Me too…
But I do manage to get down there regularly as I go back to watch the footy in Cardiff - so often go along the coast and visit Ogmore, Llantwit and a few other spots along that way… But I’ve got a week off in September and plan on heading up through the middle and probably doing a couple of days altogether with a return along the coast via the Gower (Langland Bay, Threecliffs Bay and Rhossili Bay are all in the Gower and awesome places…)

Ahhhhhhhhh… Land of My fathers, Bread of Heaven, King Arthur & Merlin… and some great roads to boot! :slight_smile:

Taks … nice picture … bit random - but did you buy your bike from a guy called Abdul in Hornchurch??

…ur rite…how did u make that out…:unsure:…??

I recognsied the colour scheme, exhaust and front indicators … :wink:

Maybe we should organise a weekend away down that way next summer?

maybe combine it with a track day at Pembrey?:wink:

Great pics there. I stayed in Gower for the bank holiday weekend. Fantatsic scenery and open roads. I regret not riding there. Although the wife wouldn’t have lasted the long journey.

Did you have any encounters with various animals crossing the road or sitting by the roadside?