My wales Ride ..

Something like this you mean? :cool:

It’s nominally called the NinjaFest, but it’s open to all.

…well loads of them lying battered on the road…:sick: .and lot many sheep in open grazing areas…also the frequency of ambulances on the roads was…a little unsual for quite roads like those… :unsure:

How spooky was that?Where did you stay? We were at Langland Bay, our usual haunt:)The sheep and cows on the roadside verges are totally unphased by passing traffic aren’t they? I recon they put prozac in the feed…lolIf the weather is on your side it’s the best riding country in these islands IMO:)

Yes mate, just like that:)

You should consider an LBfest in them there valleys isn’t it?;):slight_smile:

Ok now you’re asking… after extensive route following on google maps it turns out I stayed in a place called Llethryd Barns ( road out there but slow arse car drivers. Couldn’t play at all in our little Ibiza, no power to overtake anything :crying:

I’ve have a word with Mrs McSparkie and see if we can sneak another one in, in the next month or two, rather than wait a whole year. We might yet get some decent weather.

The roads over the mountains are bloody awesome (trying for a KD at an indicated 150 - mental! {err, that would be on track occifer :stuck_out_tongue: })!
However, I still believe that those in the north west of Jockland are better. But then, I could be biased :smiley:

I know, because I was there!
Owww, now I have a hankering to listen to some old Max Boyce sketches.

great pics:D

Very nice pics and a rideout to wales would be good fun, summat like south wales easy to do in a day and some good roads round Abergavenny, heads of the valley towards swansea then back over the brecons to Abergavenny then home, will keep an eye out in rideout section see if one gets planned. :slight_smile:

It looks like you’ve got it sorted Steve;):smiley: