My GSR for sale :(


Will take £2500 at the least :crying:

Sad times :crying:

Lol - I see you mention the BKing straight away! Good luck with selling it.

b king rules :smiley:

bump. £2200 as it needs a rear tyre :slight_smile:

Took it for a little bimble the other day. Still brings a smile to my face. Have just bought paints to redo the indicator pods that webbed. This time with plastics primer :Wow: (you live and learn)

It needs nothing other than that :slight_smile:

Have you only listed in bike trader?

Not tryed fleabay…,

ebay take a massive cut of the money :frowning:

not if you cancel the item after sale if buyer kool once collected bike then you only end up paying insertion fee

with all the bikes i have sold only had one buyer refuse to do that as i had to pay £70 charges on a bike i sold for £550 :crazy:

£70 charges… your doing it wrong. £25 flat cost if you do it properly

You mean classified?

A classified advert for a motorcycle on ebay is £15 flat fee with no final valuation fee, On an auction style listing ebay take 1% of the sale price. So if you sold if for £3000 they take £30. I wouldnt say that was a MASSIVE amount of money but then again what ain’t massive to me might be to you.


Is the 1% specifically for vehicles? When I sell phones the bastards take 10% when Paypal have had their cut too. £30 on a £300 phone!!!

Either way. I’d rather take the money off the price of the bike than give it to ebay. I’d rather it went to the new owner :slight_smile:

As far as I was aware they take 10% of final price or £70 for vechicles… Which ever is cheapest

What he said. I’ve only ever sold a car on eBay and that was £25. Just put your price and people will call you up with their offers.

Bump. Will take 2k onco. I don’t really feel like paying for more ads. Funnily, when I listed my bike at its price, all the other bikes prices started dropping as well :confused:

A excellent price for a sound bike. :slight_smile:

We need and old hack, so the bike and a blow job in exchange for £250.00 and a rub down with Tiger Balm.

Obviously we`d need to have a viewing and a test ride and the rub down with Tiger Balm is for Claire.:slight_smile:

Good luck with the sale, you`re unlikely to get a better offer.

I love tiger balm :smiley:

I love tiger balm :smiley:

i would rather KY :slight_smile:

Jaime, dont worry it will be ok once the weather warms up. its only april btw.