My GSR for sale :(

Hi Jaime, are you still looking to sell?
MCN link is throwing out an error.

Yes it’s still for sale. It’s on ebay now but can do a private sale. It’s advertised at £2000 now as it needs a new rear tyre. This was the only advisory on the mot that was done in December.
Other than that, it’s a well looked after bike. Needs a service but ill do that for the new owner if they buy it :slight_smile:
Mcn/auto trader ads have expired. No calls but its because I was pretty off with the pricing.

You’re welcome to pop in to have a look at it :slight_smile:


Just waiting for owner to pick it up and pay in cash in the next couple days :slight_smile:

Its being exported to Luthuiania.

Good bye old friend. You were a legend! :crying:


Is that close to Lithuania? :D:blush::ermm::crying:

Cousins :smiley:

Gone :crying: