My GF hates my bike...

Just remember, BIKE LOVE ISN’T WRONG.

Yeah currently having this battle with my wife… how come only CHIX get a damm fine BLING RING for a wedding… what ever happened to EQUALITY eh… crock o poo invented by fem dom lesbos to steal the man’s Juju

Well damm you fembots, we’re tired of your emotions and your accesories and your rubbish telly and rom com floppy haired films about HUGE GRUNT and his English silliness… we’re having our manhood back.

Put DOWN the trendy cocktail, take off those damm Manhole Bluenick shoes and get back in the damm kitchen…

Either that or MAN UP and buy ME a huge Bling rock too!

How can I put this subtly…

It doesn’t matter if she hates bikes. She’s entitled to her opinion you are entitled to yours. just because you’re getting married doesn’t mean you have to agree on everything (or, as you might soon find out, anything!).:slight_smile:

I love it too, the Gixer that is and not your GF obviously.

Everybody keeps posting about Gixers and I want one more and more and getting more and more depressed that I can’t.

Try being a woman into bikes! Non biking men think I’m some kind of weird being that they can’t work out, especially as I’m quite feminine off the bike :crazy:

Men and their egos can’t cope.

my missus hates my blade to sit on, i feel a bit guilty after she brought all the kit and then i went and changed my bike :wink:



YES!! Roadtrip! :smiley:

Wow Phantom, that is one sharp ride. :open_mouth:

What about love on a bike? :ermm:

She’s not jealous, she’s embarrassed because you ride a Honda fella, she probably thinks you’ll be wearing your slippers to the wedding! :stuck_out_tongue:

Get yourself a gixxer and she’ll love it so much when she’s finished riding on the back of it you’ll be riding on the back of her!! :w00t:

+1 :smiley:

i dont blame her!:D:P

buy a V-Twin…if anything she will love the vibes riding pillion:D

my wife loves my gixxer to but thats cause she brought it for me:D, but it means we spend more time together as she loves going on the bike and she keeps bugging me to get a intercom system sod that i go on the bike so i can’t hear her whinging at me :smiley:

Take it from a lady…when it comes to a woman there is always an underlying reason why she says she hates your bike. If you have not realised it by now…woman are complex creatures guys!

She does not hate your bike, she hates the fact that your bike is taking TIME away from her.

Tell her that you really would rather spend that time with your beautiful wife to be, give her a kiss (some shmoozing always helps) and tell her that if she comes along you will drop the bike off then enjoy a nice breakfast or lunch together. :slight_smile:

PS. Remember, when you get to the bike service centre if you want to check out the latest bikes and gear etc, don’t forget that she is with you, give her a big squeeze now & then, and hold her hand so that she feels included while you are browsing around.

Good luck.:wink:

My x was jealous of the bike, bike friends and that part of my life that he wasn’t involved in. That is why he is my x now (as well as other stuff).:hehe:

I really can’t stand guys being jealous, over pocesses and invading my personal space (like hobbies) because of them being twats (and i have even had so called mates that have done this, but not over the bike!). I would never get invloved with someone with these attributes. Having my own hobbies is great, and your partners should have their own?? You can’t spend 24/7 with the same person, if you want a long relationship to work! :w00t::w00t:

I mean, why does she hate it?? because it’s dangerous or because you spend more time on the bike than with her??

Well this year i went through the why bother biking for a but (mainly due to the cold feeling glum about the cold etc )

Concidered selling the bikeand my misses told me to F off and i am not allowed to sell it :w00t:

so how lucky am I lol

nail, head, hammer



Welcome to the club mate!!:stuck_out_tongue:

:D:D:D:D excellent!! your missus is sound!!