My GF hates my bike...

was just told by my gf that she ‘hates my btc1h!’ :w00t:

anyone else got jealous partners

kind of worse, my wife don’t care enough to have an opinion!

Get a new girlfriend with similar tastes. :slight_smile:

My GF loveeeeees my gixer…

Can you blame her :smiley:

bit late for that as we are getting married in a few months :smiley: :w00t:

sell it. spend loads of money on a new one & say you only did it to make her happy:D

that doesnt work either lol my last one was into cars and bike which was great less headache but you get other kind of issues. Back to drawing board for me lol

now theres an idea… :Whistling:

No it’s not…

If she asks, say to her, “Do you see a ring on this finger?” :slight_smile:

Yes. Jealous cos I won’t let her take it out for a ride. :wink:

Fair enough…Probably best to change your girlfriend every couple of years then I reckon.

thats how its been working out for me lol everytime they get annoying i move on lol

well this one is a keeper (i dont find her at all annoying)

shes just a bit mad with me cause i want to take the bike for service on sat and we have other stuff to do :stuck_out_tongue:

And so it begins…A woman trying to control your life and using emotional blackmail to try and get her way :smiley:

Only joking mate…So when you getting married and will you mind if loads of bikers crash the ceremony :slight_smile:

But surely, if she takes the longer view (which of course she can’t argue against, given that you’re just about to join yourselves together for life), she’ll realise that you’re only taking the bike for a service so that you’ll be safe on the road and therefore ready to marry her all fit and well and in one piece. And if you don’t get essential maintenance done when it should be done, it only ends up costing more (of your precious wedding/honeymoon fund, that you’re saving in order to make your wedding day the best day of her life, etc,) money in the long run, so actually by insisting on taking the bike for service on Saturday you’re only thinking of her and her long term happiness.

?any good?

def good :wink:

I’ve been married for a fair while. That kind of lateral thinking is a great survival technique. Just make sure she doesn’t use it against you as an argument for buying the hand made clothes instead of the Primark ones :slight_smile:


Genius! :smiley:

actually the ceremony is in Greece… :smiley: