My first collision

OK. Bit dramatic. Soz. Knocked a cyclist down today :frowning:

She was filtering on the outside of almost stationary traffic just past Dalston. She passed a car, started to slip back into the line of traffic. I went right into the opposite lane to pass, twas empty. She then decided to serve back out to over take the bus in front of her. I clipped her handlebar. She Didn’t look at all before moving. I was watching her like a hawk but was still going wide as I overtook her albeit slowly :frowning:

Was enough to leave her with a grazed elbow. She was totally nice and apologised as she didn’t look. She said she was in a daze on her usual daily cycle to work :frowning: but was still my fault as I was overtaking. I feel very bad. And thankful it wasn’t worse.

She was so cute hippy chick with her Yellow strappy summer dress and white converse. Now she is scarred. No helmet either.

Be careful out there…


I’m calling custard

Pics or it didn’t happen :smiley:

don’t feel bad, you taught her a valuable lesson that might save her life next time

I didn’t take photos! Or her number! Should have offered her a cold press coffee and a spelt croissant :confused:

Happens all the time, biker sees nice girl on cycle, watches her like a hawk - Target Fixation, SR1 l believe.

Look where you want to go not where you want to go.

Yeah I was watching to make sure she was out the way when I passed. I was directly behind the line she left to join the flow. I then turned to head out into the oncoming lane and was veering that way as I was passing. I didn’t look back as I was moving out. But obvs too close to cope with the direction change.

It doesn’t sound like it was your fault. So what would you do in similar situation in future?

Offer her a cold press coffee and a spelt croissant, I think.

Ah Dalston cyclists!!  Has nearly happened to me numerous times…So many complete plankton cyclists round there.

Frikking super wide berth from me in future! And I’m not in a hurry when I’m heading in. This is one thing I don’t do. If I’m late I acknowledge that when I set off. I’m the slowest motorcyclist on the way in. I do lots of head shaking. … I’m getting old…

Haha, every so often I leave a little late and rush to get in fast, it’s all waaay more dangerous and tiring and still I see the same other bikes at every set of lights…

But it is more fun

Happens all the time, biker sees nice girl on cycle, watches her like a hawk - Target Fixation, SR1 l believe. brains_t
SR1 was the blackbird, not the hawk

I’ve no idea what that’s a reference to, but the only blackbird I know with a name like that is the SR-71.


Sr71a wasnt it?

I think that your chat up technique could do with a bit of work… 

Well, the SR-71 is the family, A, B and C are/were the variants.

Where can you find spelt croissants?
Sounds delicious