My first collision

SR as in survival reactions from Twist of the Wrist 2 but that probably means something different to you too.

Is this going downhill or is it my mind?

It was flat.

Was she wearing headphones? Do you have a loud exhaust?

It sounds like what track marshals would call ‘a racing incident’. You both should have taken a bit more care.

Luckily no harm done beyond a scratched elbow. Hopefully lessons learned in both camps.

One of my cousins was killed doing a similar manoeuvre on her bike. She was so badly crushed that the police dared not ask her parents to identify the body; my father volunteered. He, being in the dental business, was only identify her from dental records (pre DNA tests). That loss has cast such a long shadow over our family that I’ve been shoulder-checking since I was four years old.

Sorry to bring this back up for you :frowning: I’m trying to be a better road citizen. This damned new commute does take getting used to…

I think my exhaust is loud. It’s a viper can no baffle. Not stupid loud. I don’t recall if she had headphones.

Fair enough. If you had one of those silent stock ones, then it would have been a good idea to change it. Loud exhaust does help sometimes in situations like that, but yours is sufficient as is.

I’m confuzzled here, you’re filtering one way and she, the cute cyclist, is filtering the other. So who was on the wrong side of the road?

No no. She was filtering too down the middle of the road. Both heading same direction. She Was pulling left into the flow of slow moving traffic, I headed into the other side of the road as she was pulling in. And she swerved out again. So I clipped her right handle bar with my left hand.

I see

It doesn't sound like it was your fault. So what would you do in similar situation in future? Aceman

Hoot in good time to let her know you’re there (caution headphone wearing cyclists). You can expect an unpleasant response but at least you avoid the collision…usually! Headlight flash at night too, works even better if you can time it to light up the reflective street signs/vehicle number plates in front of the intended! 

So you’ve not received the call from her claims management company yet? I’m sure it’s only a matter of time…