Hey you guys keep an eye on your bikes the mother ****ers are at it again!

My MV Augusta Senna Reg WDO2 JGO was stolen early this morning, if anyone is offered this bike or parts that may sound like they are from this bike tell them to go get ****ed from me!!

The sad part of it is the dumb ****s will more than likely sell it for peanuts to some bigger mug who in turn will strip it with some moronic plan of selling the bits on ebay not being aware that MV Owners would’nt touch them as all the parts from a Senna stand out a mile to those in the Know, there are only 15 of these bikes in England!

When that plan fails what next? an iconic bike is left in bits with no owner! sad ****s!!!

On a lighter note I wish all of you real bikers out there a happy new year!

See you on my new bike soon,



****!! Sorry to hear mate. Eyes and ears wide open.

ok &^%$ so sorry to hear that mate! Whata bunch of thieving scum bags really sorry for your loss fella!

Best wishes.

Just read your message,really sorry to hear!

Nooooo! Vinnie! Oh man, I’m gutted for you, I know exactly how you feel What are the details of the theft?

Mother fuc#ers, so sorry to hear that mate, what a way to start a new year

sorry to hear that, where was it took from ??

Oh Shlt!!! So sorry to hear that! I’m sure that all the LBers will keep eyes wide open! I will for sure!

****ing ******s!!! There all ways some stack of **** who wants to steal somthing you work hard for and spend your money on. Really sorry to hear that mate

Well we all know what the bike looks like and I’ll be keeping a close eye out for it.

sorry to hear that vinnie will keep eyes and ears open

what mother ****er would do something like that.

I hope they get what they deserve a right beating.

see you all soon out on a bike hopefully and have a good new year

I can’t fu*^ing believe that. Really sorry to hear that. Thats the second bout of bad news this month! Found out a fellow rider died a week ago after coming off his black K5 on the M1 junction with the M25. can’t wait for this year to be over. REAL sorry Vinnie.

Eyes and ears peeled. Hopefully something will come up. Sorry to hear the news mate, I know its a rare beast and pride and joy, gutted with you.


Sorry to hear the news, I am totally gutted as I am sure you are. Let the low life f**kers get what they deserve, like an overdose on the proceeds .

Now I ride alone again, temporarily I am sure…

I am confident the pheonix will rise again better and stronger .


Hey, Vinny… really sorry to hear about your bike mate… Little ******s!!! I hope something really bad happens to them…

Sorry to hear about your loss, with a bike that rare, there’s every chance it has been stolen to order and will no doubt end up in some east european drug lords private collection.

Sounds like it was insured, what will you use the insureance money to get, other then to order a hit on the T*ssers who stole it ?

Fcuking hell Vinnie.

No more will I hear that Ferrari tuned motor sing.

Life’s got a bit duller.

God knows what they’re doing with the bike, as you say it’s a tad unique. What ever they do with it, I hope they get maimed in the process.

gutted for you vinnie - that bike was an awesome bit of kit.

f*&King scum

How did they defeat the security devices? Did they leave the chain or take it with them?

so sorry to hear about it mate

I don’t know you guy, but sorry to hear the news.

Not that it is any consolation, but a mate of mine had his 'Blade stolen and the thief ended up in intensive care immediately afterwards as he could not copewith the performance. Although the bike was written off, the thief has been punished in a just way in my book.