My bike was stolen on weds night

I was sitting watching the bill on Wednesday evening when my phone rang, it was the automated alert from the tracker fitted to my bike, had I moved it or had it been stolen were the questions I was posed. I immediately went to check on my bike it was gone, I went into default mode and called the tracker people who in turn told me to call them back after I had alerted the police and gotten a cad number, when I phoned the police calling 999 my theft which had only happened in the last five minutes or was not deemed an emergency so I was given short shrift and told to ring my local police station to report it, “********” I thought knowing the quicker a response could be made to the theft the higher the likelihood of the bike being found and the perpetrators caught.
I called my local station and spoke to a very rude woman who really didn’t seem to understand my distress nor urgency after having my bike stolen and she promptly threatened to hang the phone up on me, I bit my lip and got through the red tape and eventually after receiving the cad number I called tracker with the information, which I consequently found out was the wrong cad number given to me by the rude operator.
I sat and pondered and panicked and fretted and ultimately came to the decision that it would be ok, after speaking to the people from tracker who boast that 97% of vehicles fitted with the system are returned to their owners within 48 hours.
The morning comes and I call tracker they have no news,.
I call again later in the day and am told by a very pleasant and courteous young man that there was an alert and the police had picked up a signal at around 10am this morning, following further investigation into this alert by myself I discovered it was in an area not more than 3 mins walk from where the bike had been stolen, given that this was 14hrs or so from when the bike was nicked I can only assume it is one of the local scrotum’s thats stolen it in the first place and wonder how the police hadn’t picked the signal up sooner and how they managed to loose it so easily, with all the claims I have heard about the system I chose to go with it because of its signal strength and the claim that as it was a UHF signal it isn’t hindered by interference and can be easily detected so long as it isn’t in a lead lined box.
Nothing has been heard from the tracker since yesterday mornings signal and it is about 47 hrs from the theft, I am becoming increasingly worried that I won’t see the bike again, not in one piece anyway.
Chill Paul you might say it’s insured, but I am sorry to say it hasn’t been insured against theft, I believed trackers claims and their numbers along with the boast of how good the system is I off set the cost of the unit and coverage against the astronomical premium I would have had to pay for theft coverage as I had my fireblade stolen last year, which I had to claim on.
The hardest thing about this is that by stealing my bike the impact these thieves have had on my life is massive, I use my bike for my commute to Uni which takes about 30 mins by bike, 1hr+ by car and 3 hrs by public transport one way, I can’t afford to miss lectures.


really hope this works out for you… keep hassling tracker

Good you have it back.

I don’t have it back.

There was a guy on this forum who got his bike back, coz it was stuckin a lock up with a bike that had tracker on it- so there is hope. Make sure Police know you had tracker, and as before keep talking to Tracker co

Good luck mate!

The theft is one thing, but to be given the cold shoulder by the Police controllers is just adding insult to injury. I thought vehicle thefts with a tracker would go straight through to the local Traffic division who could respond quicker and better (i.e. they’re the ones who have the equipment). Unlucky Paul :frowning:

After this much time, I can’t see it coming back I’m afraid, they’ve probably found and removed the tracker.

Best of luck getting a speedy conclusion…

Oh no, I should read it properly. :blush:

I sincerley hope this has a happy ending, i too lost a bike, and i didnt have theft insurance, so i know how you feel.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you m80 :slight_smile:

Go have a walk round your area and talk to the local scrotes and tell em there’s a reward for the safe return of your bike…it worked for me and it only cost me a fiver:D

Re tracker, the MET don’t have it any of their cars, let alone in traffic cars.

It’s all done via GPS, monitored by tracker themselves and information is relayed to Police contollers who then update the cars via radio.

Obviously there’s a delay on updating positions when it works.

Make up your own mind about tracker, but we used to say it’ll find your car whilst it’s still burning !!!

FFS…no wonder people steal our bikes, its so bloody easy and no one gives a flying lordy!..

ooh i dint mean lordy…f.ook

Sorry to hear this mate, really hope it comes good.

i was going to get a tracker but after this ive decided to buy my own gps tracker where i can track it on my own computer…its cheaper & you can track it straight away…so either go get it back your self or call the cops…

Agreed, it worked for me when my son’s Aprilia RS50 Repsol was nicked from our garage. As he was 16 we had insured it TPO (that was £800:w00t:)

Got the bike back, cost me £200 :cool:

The MetPol DON’T have tracker??!!


we have them in our Trafpol cars AND helicopter…as soon as we know a vehicle is fitted with tracker we scour the immediate area for a signal and work as a team in a ‘closing net’ formation…

you guys need to move out here…

Sorry mate but your talking horse crap, every traffic car, tracker salespeople car, engineers cars, police helicopter has the detecting system in it - even a lot of community support vehicles are starting to get them in!! Oh and none of it (except cars/vans/lorries) get GPS trackers fitted - they all have radio frequency - similer to your radio’s in your house - they work inside - so do the trackers!!!As for “tracker who boast that 97% of vehicles fitted with the system are returned to their owners within 48 hours.”

Tracker have never claimed percentages since they started in 1993 - so thats complete bull/or the salesman in the shop you bought it from has lied to you and has just made himself liable!!

I am sorry about what your having to deal with - but tracker is an item to be purchased to help prevent you having to claim on your insuance - not a substitute for your insurance!! TPO insurance is crap - shouldn’t even be legal - Not meaning to rant - but if you want a 9k bike - pay the premium for at least TPFT - or be prepaired to have to start from scratch should the worst happen!

I used to work at tracker on their technical desk for a few years, the problem doesn’t lye within tracker - unfortunately it lye’s within the understaffed police force - that can’t handle the increase in crime, although bike theft is a big problem - the amount of shooting’s/stabbings and terroist threats (especially in london) do take preferance - would you rather the one policeman available came to you to take details of the theft that has happened - or help someone in current danger???

I hope none of you are selfish enough to want them to come to you to take details of the theft!

Rant over!!!

if you do need any details on trackers clearing up, i’m happy to help!

The 97% success rate was said to me by the tracker guy who was keeping me updated after my bike was nicked. I am not whining about the fact the police never came to take a statement, what I am whining about is the fact that one drive past of the area where the tracker signal was picked up 10 or 12 hrs earlier would have picked up the signal and as I know the local geography it really wasn’t too much to ask for as there is only 1 main road off my road which is a cul de sac.
I was relying on the tracker for my security as after having my bike stolen last year and being forced to claim on it’s theft in order to replace it with a 7 year old £2500 gsxr750 and was quoted £2000 to insure it for theft left me no option but to go with 3rd party only and am I grateful I could get it, as a bike is the most time and cost effective method for my commute.

Trackers, alarms, ID systems are all useless, cars are stolen every day with ££££ worth of security systems and never recovered, they are picked up by expert thieves who know exactly what to take, when, how and what to do with it afterwards and bikes are even easier. These systems may possibly deter an opportunistic thief or a local thief looking for a quick fix but if somebody really wants your bike they will take it unless they physically can’t.

The only way to stop something being stolen, be it a car or a trailer, bike, quad bike etc is to physically bolt/nail/chain it to something big/heavy/fixed with a f*ck off big chain and padlock. We were talking about this tonight and Almax was mentioned again, I think Grim is going to post up some links etc but if it’s not nailed down it’s going to get stolen and a tracker is just a deterant, like an alarm, might work, might not, but a huge chain that can’t be cut without waking the dead at 4am fixed to an anchor will.

That’s my rant ! :w00t: ;):slight_smile:

sorry to hear this… now other than pray you need to write an official complaint to the constabulary stating the rude, inefficient operator and how you feel agrieved … no it won’t get your bike back but it will get dealt with by the complaints team and might stop it happening to another person. YOu can only hope right?

Then find the salesmen and give him a bitchslap.

Hope you recover you bike in one piece :slight_smile:

good luck hope you get some good news soon.But as has already been said,big feck off lock and chain more effective.Chat to local scrots,give them a shake and tell em you hold them personally responsible for your loss.They might just spill the beans as its nearly always some local lowlife.

Paul that guy who told you 97% of vehicles is likely to get the sack -did you get his name?? Thats something Tracker has never aven bothered to investigate - all they give are the amount of money worth of vehicles it has recovered for the month/quarter/year!

The units are usually effective - as long as the police are available to track the things! I hope yours gets recovered soon (not that this will help but when i was there we had a vehicle recovered after 1.3Yrs when someone brought it back from Dubai and the local customs/police picked up its signal as it drove off the ship!!! so they don’t de-activate the system till the unit/vehicle is found)

To the guy who said your going to get your own gps tracker, cos its cheaper and you can track it your self - just try tracking your GPS (that needs to be able to see the sky) in your garage or back of a van or a Lock-up - IT WON’T WORK!