My bike stolen yesterday Sun Street EC2

Well I joined the group of bikers with no bike !

My all black Honda firebalde 2006 got stolen yesterday from Sun Street EC2 between 1:00pm and 6:00pm. It had a disk lock alarm and data tagged and was under a camera…I am frigging gutted I had the bike for two weeks

Gutted for you mate.

gutted for you mate, sorry to hear about it… what did the cctv footage show? Anything for us to look out for?

havent seen it yet, police are checking…bought myself an almax chain last week as well but theres nothing to secure it to as they are diggin up the normal space to replace water mains

jeez its getting worse out there, gutted for you mate :angry:

Sorry to hear and feel for you. Sun St. is right by where I work. There’s constantly people walking around at those times. How could they pinch you bike? Seems there’s no limit to how brazen those bastards can be.

dude can you put teh reg up i’ll keep an eye out, im often around that way and i work nearby too.

gutted for ya fella, hope it comes back.

Gutted for you fella.

Fingers crossed it turns up as quite a few do on here.

Registration… KH06 NRN

had a tank cover and Nuburgring stickers on each side fairing

so sorry dude!

go it, i shall keep me solo peeper peeled!

jeez…sorry to hear this bud
hope you get things sorted quickly and get back on two wheels

sorry to hear about this :frowning:

1stly welcome to LB.

Sorry that you had your bike nicked. I have now lost cost how many times I have said this in the last month. You and I are one of the many people who are getting their bikes taken in broad daylight.

I hope you get some joy with the cctv…

Sorry to hear it mate :angry:

you get the feeling thats it very few gangs responsible for most of the thefts. A few stinger bikes might be in order

thoughts go out to you fella. 'kin waynekers. you actually gave me a bit of advice regards a parking ticket a little while back which actually got me off it so hope karma does you the turn you deserve :slight_smile:

if not i owe you a tea or 2 at some point :smiley:

Really sorry to hear that.

I’ve posted your bikes details on the CBR-Forum in case anyone comes across it.

sorry to hear that mate

thanks for that …off to see some cctv footage later