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Multi directional wheeled paddock stand

Oops sorry missed that bit.

When did just putting really powerful electromagnets in the ceiling go out of fashion?


maybe you should consider

and go from there. If you have engine crash bungs too its then possible to balance the mo’cycle on the centre stand with both wheels off the ground by propping it up on the crash bungs

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Abba skylift … For me …

But consider the abba motoglide kit
Solves the no centre stand issue for maintenance …
Can be used on multiple bikes
And packs down when not in use

Why risk your hard earned on a heath robinson


I never knew they did the Motoglide option, thinking about it I suppose it could be left on the skylift but not sure if long term that would be suitable for the bike, would certainly make servicing easier.

Only reason I like the paddock stands is the relatively small footprint, but then still left servicing the bike on your knees etc :face_with_monocle:

For anyone else that had no idea what Tim was on about :joy:

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Skylift is good but if space is an issue it does take up a large footprint if not being used

Looked at these a while back £££ there is a Ad that keeps popping up using their video offering at £35.
God only knows what you would get for£35.
I intend to weld a bracket onto existing stands and fit 100mm dolly wheels to them. Should achieve a similar ability.

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I have two stands a bit like the Abba (but dont go as high), one is 1jac, one is a constands, the constands one I can “fold up” by that I mean if you unscrew a bolt, the upright is hinged and will fold down, I then have it hanging on my wall on hooks.

1 pic is the 1jac, the BMW is on the constands.
I have left them like that for months over winter with no issues, it means I can push the bikes right up against the wall to save space.

Originally had one of those but the need to have the lifting adapters permanently attached to bike put me off plus it wouldn’t entertain my GTR .

It was a scam. This is what arrived. Thankfully I paid with PayPal so there’s some recourse.


What exactly are those?

Brave man putting them on the kitchen table :joy:

So I’m owed some significant back pay from work at end of this month so gonna buy me a decent mig welder…once I’m semi proficient May make this my first project

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Those look like my kids rollerblades

It had to be.
Bloody Roller skates