Multi directional wheeled paddock stand

Due to limited space and additional tools/machinery purchases coming I’ve been looking at ways to make the motorbike more moveable and came across these….

I mean jeez they look good but are there any UK equivalents? I know there’s the ABBA lift but these seem so simple just not sure they can justify that price…

Wonder if I can just add multi directional wheels onto a normal paddock stand :face_with_monocle:

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i like those!

Wonder if I can just add multi directional wheels onto a normal paddock stand :face_with_monocle:

not sure how missing the third wheel will effect the manoeuvrability?

Could be fashioned into the stand

They exist…

yeah i saw those as well - being doing some googling :wink:

my other concern would be my front paddock stand just lifts the forks so would be unstable!

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Back in the day I saw a home made custom centre stand that had an industrial castor fitted to each leg of the stand. The motorcycle could be moved forwards, backwards or pivoted by rocking it on the centre stand.

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Also search for ‘motorcycle dolly’ for centre stand options, some can also be used under each wheel if you have a pair.

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My bike lacks a centre stand so that wouldn’t be viable

How about this then

Reason for wanting something more akin to the Dynamo stand is that my bike isn’t used much at the moment so wanting to keep the tyres off any surface to prevent flat spots etc

A dolly still required contact with the tyres so couldn’t leave it on them long term

I mean easier option would probably be rode it more but alas the bike is a few 100 miles from me

I note on those stands the front wheel is still on the ground. If you want it out on the road more often I’d be happy to ride it for you, no fees required I’d just expect you to keep it topped up with the go go juice.

Hmmmm you’re right the front wheel rests on a chock of sorts, isn’t obvious from the pictures as wheel is off the floor

It’s an SV650 so nothing exciting and up in the Lake District if you don’t mind the travelling just to ride it :joy:

I just bought some of these! Straight off an advert on Instagram. Looked dodgy as hell, i.e. prices in USD, (paid via PayPal for some protection), and no international shipping fees. They were so cheap it was worth a punt - 2 pairs for $97 shipped.

Just checked the tracking info, they’re coming from China, big surprise.

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Ahhhhh let me know how they go and that might be an option then!

Hope the taxes aren’t hefty

No link there Jay?

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Heh, sure, if they arrive, they’re no longer listed on the site I bought them from. Could have been a scam.

Doh….Hope not

For the past 4 years I’ve been using one of these which works well. The rubber coating is useless but unnecessary, it takes a bit of getting used to centring the bike so you can manouevre it easily but once you’re used to it it works fine.

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I’m sure it’s great, but for me no centre stand