Mugs in your kitchen cupboard

Totally random i know! but its something i always look at and wonder why we do what we do…

so, mugs in ya kitchen cupboard, face up or face down?


down…stops any creepy crawlies getting in :slight_smile:

Down, so that they can be stacked easier and they don’t gather any dust if not used for a while! :wink:

Up. The bottoms of my cupboards aren’t clean enough to put the drinking side down :w00t:


thats exactly what i think sam! how clean are ya shelves? the bit you brink from rubs on the dirty shelf…

I’m ‘up’ incase you wondered…

Ours hang on a little rack

Upside down, or regular? :stuck_out_tongue:

How personal, since you ask we are very regular, if you saw the size of our loo you would not consider inverted evacuations:w00t:

If they were face down, where would the spare screws, panel clips, etc go?

If they were face down, where would the spare screws, panel clips, etc go?

In the top drawer in a kitchen unit with the biro’s with no caps, the elastic bands, paper clips, bits of string, an odd screwdriver, an old disposable lighter that sort of works, a packet of Gaulois from 199? I’m scared to open. Need I go on?

Anyway, mugs are parked up. Glasses are parked down. WHY?

mines up, just no point for keeping 'em down while the rest of crockery e.g plates are up :smiley:

up up!!


Face up.

Right way up here too:cool:

Some say it’s important to keep your rim clean:D

it has to be face up. If it was face down, the edge (the point that meets your mouth) would be in contact with the cupboard, which has probably got loads of dust/bacteria etc.

Face up is therefore more hygenic :smiley:

all the mugs are up and all the glasses are down, but in different cupboards… the glasses have some sort of protector mat to them to stop them from slipping… :slight_smile:

Right way up. It’s not about the hygeine it’s about the aesthetics. :hehe:

face up winning so far!

But face down stops the dust etc. plus my shelves are clean!:slight_smile: