Mugs in your kitchen cupboard


**Right way up. It’s not about the hygeine it’s about the aesthetics. [Hehe] **

I agree. (But then we both do the same job.) So…

Mugs up, glasses down then.

Our mugs hang on mug trees. Besides the don’t stay on there long enough to gather dust.

We keep glasses on a work top (not enough cupboards) so keep them face down and regulary clean the surface to keep dust and crap at bay.

mine are either in the dishwasher or dirty, dont often make it to the shelf:)

Mugs down always! Don’t get me wrong, I like a clean rim but I prefer no creepy crawlies getting in mine…especially the things with the many legs - cant even bring myself to say the ‘s’ word :w00t:

Mine are up & down, depending on what way I feel like putting them at the time - Im a spontaneous kind of guy, I live on the edge :smiley:

UP! :cool: