Mother's Day

So what have you got planned for your lovely Ma? Or are you having to plan something with your kids?

Stuck for ideas?

Have you forgotten?

Do care or Don’t care?


Blimey - thanks for the reminder!!! :w00t:

allways used to get a card and flowers , but sadly mum not around anymore.

I don’t do anything for ‘Hallmark’ hijacked celebrations…pointless.

Same for Father’s day, Easter, Valentines, Christmas, Kwanza, Dewali, and Noggin the Nog.

I will however always attend a birthday **** up - my gift being the goading of said birthday recipient into superhuman drinking efforts… :smiley:

Going upto my mums to surprise her with some flowers and choccies along wiv my lil sis :smiley:

A visit to the cemetery for me :crying: Still take the 'ol girl some flowers

Thanks for posting this, sincere. I would have forgotten again.

Ricky - sorry mate. I didn’t know.

Nothing planned as my mum live`s abroad.

Nothing planned as yet, as my parents passed on years ago :frowning:

Might get my kids to bring me down the Ace thou for Newbie night. Might get out of cooking dinner that way :smiley:

Flowers for me ole darling :slight_smile:

no plans going to help a man with diein wish then of to the ace newbie day

Card, flowers & some chocolates of course, I will obviously have to taste test them 1st though :smiley:

me and my bro have yet to hatch a plan, but a plan we will hatch!

A nice indoor flower arrangement and a card is the order of the day:)

It’s worth it to save a year of grief and reminders;)

me ma’s in hospital unfortunately, so i’m going to buy loadsa flowers etc to cheer her up :slight_smile:

I left her a present and a card under the bed when I was up in Brum last week, so it’ll just be a phone call me thinks.

(Although the stupid Clinton’s woman didn’t wrap up the present properly, so by the time I got back to my mum’s the present had got broken, so I had to super glue it back together before I wrapped it up! :wink: )

I never would have you down for flower arranging CM? :wink:

I’ve got many hidden talents Lou, some of them are even printable on here;):DBy the way, although your new avatar is nice, your last one was better:cool:

Driving my kids to Devon to see my Mum. Best pressie she could have. They are like cocaine to her!!! must be a grandma thing!

Well, if she wasnt sunning herself in Spain (for the last 2 months!!!) I’d do the usual thing of sending a card as she lives in the midlands.