Mother's Day

Off to spend the weekend with Mum and Dad, not sure if thats her treat or my treat :stuck_out_tongue:

My Mom is Irish…and feisty…particularly after surviving breast cancer.I’ll call and give her a hard time about god having a sick sense of humor keeping her around after all the hell my brother and I put her through as we were growing up…she’ll call me a hateful kid…I’ll tell her that I love her, we’ll both laugh and carry on.My wife…my Grandmother…my Mom and my daughter…Thanksgiving of last year.



i concur with gixergooner’s comments

i don’t do anything either for


Same for the so called holiday celebrations, father’s day and valentines :wink:

So there we were, planning a Sunday lunch (plus flowers and chocolates) for the woman that bore me, and she’s just announce that she’s off to Chichester for the day to see friends. “Been booked for ages” she says “and can’t cancel it”.


K.S.I Cant tell which is which (ever the diplomat;))My Mum always tells me about ‘the Irish in her’ (Dad never mentioned it when he was alive:D)but I’ll pop round on a Sunday ride with the gifts.

Voucher for my mum to treat herself to a manicure/facial etc. I would’ve sent flowers but she lives in a very remote part of Scotland and interflora don’t deliver!

card for my mum and a card and some lovely jewellery for my wife from the kids (and i think i’m buying lunch in Chiswick too)

should be a lovely day

Me Mum died a long time ago so my wife got the present “from the kids” after that. Now the kids aint that any more, the tradition sort of continues … till this year.

“Shall we go out to dinner?”

“What for?”

“Mothers Day”

“Can’t be bothered.”

Who said romance was dead?


HOpe you all treated your mums today, i was lucky, i got a treat myself :stuck_out_tongue: got to take my step dads new toy for a spin :w00t: what fun!!





spoken like a true Gooner