Monday Night Ride Out! 16/11/09

Hello! We are planning a night time run Monday night around Boxhill, all those lovely A Roads (Ripley Rd etc)

We need to be ready to leave at around 20:05 so if anybody is up for it we meet at chiswick roundabout at 20:00

its going to be paced fairly quickly and as such 125 riders will have a hard time keeping up, make sure your full beam works! if its too wet then we’ll probably leave it out

we will return to the ace ideally around 2300 for coffee.

Limit of 8 people for this one, ill be updating the list as people sign up.

The List:

3.RESERVED - Louis
5.Rioting Rob

The route will also be slightly (only slightly) safer this time, and stored in a satnav so we can’t go wrong. There will also be waypoints to aim for it you DO get lost!

you got me at ‘slighlty (only slightly) safer this time’ :hehe: but keep the gps and waypoints thing too

And check your kill switch! :D:D

Can u put me on the list temporarily as i wanna go but wont know just yet… the swelling needs to go down and i need to be able to fit into my crossfires… but i wanna go :frowning:

would love to attend, sounds a bit mental. But still have 3 weeks of maintenance course on monday nights left

Im in guys, was a good crowd last time, am i right in thinking if it poores down it will be posponed??

See you monday! Makes monday exciting!!!

Must admit peeps, after the last one i said to my self “I’m not doing that again” seemed a bit crazy and dangerous for me. Undertaken 3 times and the speed we hit those lanes i expected more than one biker to come off:w00t: My sixth sense still tells me to stay well clear of these rideouts:ermm: But my name is Rioting Rob and with a little self discipline maybe just maybe i might safely enjoy;) I’ll give it a little thought but my angel is tapping me on the shoulder already:D saying…no…no…no:w00t:

Must ride faster then! :smiley:

So did I! …Oh wait…

Also, we’re not doing stupid little lanes this time.

Winner! If your satnav can read .itn files it might be worth you having a copy, for when you get mysteriously lost :stuck_out_tongue:

count me in i havnt been on a rideout for awhile been abit chicken since changing tyres

Will be good to see you mate, will your Fireblade + Akaprovic be there too? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yaye im ontop of the list!
Remember boys if i do this u may need to help me walk! :smiley:

why what you planning on doing with a bunch of guys at night near box hmmmm…

This doesn’t make sense…I assume the group is leaving the Ace, then passing Chiswick roundabout?

…I assume the group is leaving the Ace, then passing Chiswick roundabout? Are these times referring to Chiswick roundabout? Is it then quarter to at the Ace?

Riding out? What else wud i be doing… lol

if it rains, we just drop the pace amigo!

it was a top crowd last time!

Also, the Ace isn’t open at 2300…last time we stopped at a service station on the A3 just before Kingston, which is a good place to disperse from (close to lots of roads)

Count me in if there’s room? Hopefully it won’t be too wet?!

Right i can go… only if i can bend my ankle in my crossfires enough to use the back break (which isnt much) but the boots are a little heavy… i am bloody adamant to be on the bike monday afternoon!