mini dvr 2

removed :slight_smile:

Mmmmm if you haven’t been knocked off yet i’m sure it’s not going to be long before you are:w00t:

appreciate your comment but as the camera is low down it doesn’t get the benefit of the vision i had :smiley:

too much weaving for my liking…I tend to pick one side and stick with it…

cheers for the comment. i like to keep moving and shoulder check every move. i’d rather be in the place with the least resistance/hazards which is why i try to use a lot of the road.

the thing i love about riding is everyone has their own way. and as soon as you find your way the safer rider you are i reckon.


Yeah - totally agree - the fastest and safest way through city traffic on a bike is often the most creative way.

Hats off to you mate. You got the skill to filter! But please do take care!

If you’re looking for holier-than-thou type comments here’s two for starters…

Chasing down cyclists and opening the throttle as you go past a baby in a pram doesn’t impress anybody. :pinch:

thanks mate :blush: my primary objective is to not hit anything! cheers x

how did you guess? :wink:

there was no chasing down of cyclists. i gave them plenty of room and didn’t compromise either of our safety when overtaking.

as for the baby i take it you mean the one that had just crossed the road? i was more concerned with getting away from the junction and that baby was well out of the way! i wouldn’t have thought the family were offended, unless they were as sensitive as you :wink:

to be honest i’m surprised no one’s commented on the car at 2:30 trying to clip me when i’m filtering. unfortunately for him i was positioned correctly :stuck_out_tongue:

Until I became a father I wasn’t aware of how sensitive kid’s can be to noise (ironic considering the amount they produce). They can get really quite upset/ scared by loud noises- that’s all:) And as for the cyclists- I’m willing to concede that one :wink:

I got scared watching that video :slight_smile: I can’t see the point of posting it as the riding standard is diabolical. And has enough driving offences to get you a long ban. :slight_smile:

Just for the record Mark and in case any solicitors misread this you’ve quoted my reaction to the vid but I didn’t post it and it isn’t of me :slight_smile:

Yes I know you don’t ride like that, I was just agreeing with your coments.

I really have to disagree - it just looks like an experienced and confident rider getting through London traffic to me - he’s using the bikes size, manouverability, braking and acceleration to full advantage - which is what it’s all about - otherwise you might as well be in a car.

I expect a lot of the couriers on here would recognise this style of riding - making use of every available opportunity to dispatch the traffic rather than just plodding along and allowing the traffic to set the agenda.

Nothing out of the ordinary based on my experience of commuting in and out of heavy London traffic.

p.s. He’s also on a Hornet judging by his avatar - which unless you’ve ever ridden one is one of the best city traffic busting bikes ever. :cool:

nout wrong with that, i use those same roads everyday…

nice little vid cheers

I was a london courier for 15 years, Ive got a fair idea about filtering and london traffic I could do that same ride in half the time without having to ride like that. There are much easier ways of making progress. :slight_smile:

If you couriered through London for 15 years then I’m sure you really are fast through town - very few of us will have racked up that kind of experience. :cool:

I just think people are giving the guy an unecessarily hard time on this.

None of us are above criticism but try and keep it constructive rather than just slating him.

I mean this is a biking site - not a BRAKE forum! :wink:

Another thing to bear in mind here is the camera is positioned quite low down and that will give the impression the speed is greater than it really is (as in the trick used by the French film director in the film Ninjajunkie posted the other week). The loud exhaust sound also makes it seem faster. And as the OP says, the camera view doesn’t show the view he has.Having said that, I can’t resist giving my “holier than thou” tenpenceworth: some of the filtering did seem on the fast side (I can’t see how a suddenly opened car door, for instance, can be avoided); cutting in front of the cyclist at 0.58 seemed a bit off; as was overtaking a cyclist in a bus lane at 1.13 when the cyclist was likely to swing right to overtake the bus; and at 1.28 speeding past that car that was stopped in the middle of the road was a very bold move (I would have let it in if no one was behind me).

Those are just constructive observations, not criticisms. I’m certainly not a better rider than you (or anyone else, for that matter) so I’m definitely not in a position to criticise.

I very much enjoyed watching the video, so thanks for posting it. Favourite bits for me are the exhaust sound (apart from Lessismore’s baby-scaring bit) and the knee-down action at 7.50 :cool:And that little blue car at 2.33 definitely had you in his/her sights. Well done for avoiding it :wink:


Sorry mate had an off day.:slight_smile: