Millau Bridge, France.

Did the bridge in 2005, great journey and was worth going just for the photos and the view…:smiley:


We’ll keep you posted, it will be in the summer, not sure when yet. Looking to recruit an elite band. :slight_smile:

ooh looks good but im already potentially booked for Scotland touring, Spain, and Ireland next year…

Get yer arse down the Ace for a spanking good ride to Whitstable for Oysters and gritty sex.

i say, how well you know me…:smiley: i prefer “Moules”:stuck_out_tongue:

Wow. Passport and panniers. I’m very keen. I may even have a fast bike by then.

Hope so, you’ll need one:)

That can be arranged. 9.45 am tomorrow - Ace. 10.30 Thurrock Services fuel pumps. 11.00 Oakdene Café. Where will you be? :slight_smile:

Don`t do it, sun sex and nudist camp sites are just up your ally. x

Been there, done that:) Would recommend it:cool:

Looks great. I hope I’ll be free for this whenever it is!

With your social life it`s doubtfull:P

I had no idea that I would like riding my bike so much…next year I will ditch my mates! (well. perhaps not the ones that have just bought a lovely house in Scotland - perfect base for bike rides!) :smiley:

I have friends who have a house they rent out in Southern France not far from the Millau viaduct, in case this turns into more than a day trip. :smiley:

In fact why not tie this in with the Italy trip that SteveCBR11XX is arranging and do a mini tour, Down through France, stopover at my friends gaff, pop across to the Millau, then head east across to Northern Italy to meet up with all the lightweights taking the train, I’d be up for that. :slight_smile:

Mo you sure that’s not the QE2 Bridge :smiley:

Tim I think it’s going to be more than a day trip, even I can work that one out ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Nice one, wouldn’t mind coming along:)

How long would it take? I am planning to do a road trip… if that happens I will probably come by car then keep going south and maybe right to Spain or left to Italy:)

Can always carry a few things for people… on way down.

would YOU cope with that ya geriatric old goat :smiley:

but sounds good tim just gonna update my trip with info from Kevsta :slight_smile:

Sounds fun as long as there’s no tents required.