Millau Bridge, France.



er… dont think so Ang:P

I would be up for doing it again and be willing to help organize:cool:

Hi all

I’d definitely be up for this too…with the added refusal to sleep in a bag on a field. Like Joby, I might also have a faster bike by then…if not, we’ll just have to pootle at the back and take 3 weeks.

Keep us posted, Jetstream (sorry I missed Whitstable - looks a great route, esp the 5 times round roundabout bit, but I wasn’t in London last weekend)

I wouldn’t mind this trip…look forward to more details.:cool:

I did it earlier this year … Had a fab time, so might go again on way to Spain :smiley:

Thanks Scarlett for the suggestion of the destination. (We didn’t all go round the roundabout 5 times you understand, just the odd one or two):slight_smile:

Day trip … you tripping? Would love to see anyone make it down and back in a day! :wink:

See that’s the trouble with you Yamaha riders, no ambition!! :stuck_out_tongue:

OK so a day trip is an exaggeration but I was thinking more of a longer trip than just going to the bridge and back, as I say some friends of mine have a place they rent out (sleeps max 16 I think?) that’s not too far from the bridge, it has beds, a pool, hot and cold water and everything… :wink:

We took 3 days that is the absolute minimum really it’s nearly a 1600 mile round trip (the way we went).

We stayed in Etap about 80 mile north east of Millau in the mountains:cool: and I can tell you…you will not find a better biking road than the one from our hotel to the bridge:cool: must have been built by bikers for bikers:)

Would advise a minimum of 4 days to be more comfortable.