Migraine help?

Does anyone know how to help a migraine without drugs?
I can only take paracetamol which i have done, and i have had this migraine now for 3 days… its starting to get hard to work and concentrate! :sick:

Any other ideas?

My mate swears by meditation…but I’ve no idea how you go about that…!

There’s only one cure for a migraine… Go and lay down in a dark room, if it’s a proper migraine you won’t be able to sit in front of a screen posting or watch tv, take a sick bowl with you and try to drink plenty of water. I took Panadol Extra throughout my pregnancies on the Dr’s say so.

You can just ride it through, usually once you’ve been sick and had a sleep it will die down.

tie a bandana or scarf of some sort around your forehead tight, or tight enough. Take a paracetamol then take a nap - well thats what I do when i get a really bad headache :cool:

Hope you get better Mel :slight_smile:

Cheers Ang… I stayed in a dark room yesterday and it almost went… until i went back to work today… will have an early night and do the same again tonight, and maybe panadol extra, whats the extra? Is it just caffeine? :slight_smile:

Will try this too Devs… haven’t heard from you in ages, glad to see you’re still around :wink:

Water panadol and sleep. With a real migraine and not a headache you can’t be anything bit hide in bed under the pillow and sleep. I spent atleast 20 hours asleep on a really bad day.

Not sure I’ve never read the packet, they are the red ones… the green packets do my stomach in and make me sick :sick:

Feel sorry for anyone else who suffers with them, they are so debilitating. Best thing ever was going on all my bp tablets, they wiped out my migraines 99%. I have a life now lol.

Its not a full blown migraine atm… but its coming and i need to be able to go to work… i’ve got to the point where moving my head is hurting, its been getting worse all day again, so hence trying to knock it out tonight before it goes into a full - sleep and pain and more pain - migraine.

Migraine is usually linked to stress and/or depression and is more likely to re-occur if you are pregnant. Some say it is blood pressure related but I do not know about that.

Unlike a ‘normal’ headache, it is best to treat without medicine. I would agree with earlier comments about dark rooms and I would add gentle music (with no beats or vocals) and plenty of water which works for me.

Worrying about it maybe adding to the problem but you may need to de-stress first.

I know it ain’t nice so good luck.

I suffer with them too! Imigram and Co-Codamol does it for me.

Tens machines are sposed to work on migraine. Electric shock treatment, I have one but have never tried it on a migraine.

didnt they do that in ‘one flew over the cuckoos nest’ ? I might leave that one for you to try first Mo :smiley:

Try it out on Lewis:w00t::hehe::hehe::hehe::hehe::hehe::hehe::hehe:

Not into gentle music, but I am willing to bet you’d recommend RMI, or steve roach etc :wink:
And me and water aint exactly good mates but I am willing to give it a go, as i’ve had years of preaching on this subject… still reckon its a load of old muffins though :smiley:
I got my blood pressure checked, and is all ok so phew :cool:

Funnily enough, Steve Roach or Vir Unis would be a good choice of gentle music for a migraine as it will bring you down slowly. (RMI may be not gentle enough)

Water has many benefits to the body but if you do not enjoy supping this most majestic of fluids, I wouldn’t want to preach to you about it. :slight_smile:

I find Syndol helps if I catch it early or Zomig on prescription if it’s more painful. Migraine affects different people in different ways, I used to be like Ang, sickness and complete darkness but if you suffer on a regular basis you could ask your doctor about Epilim to reduce the frequency. Works for me, also reduced the pain and duration of each one.

No idea about pregnancy . . . managed to avoid it :wink:

Drink copious amounts of water…?

IF it is a migraine you will not be able to go outside due to the light, any noise and you want to rip someones head off!

I have had them so bad that I take the duvet into the closet with me and cover up with the door closed. NO light NO sound… and you might live to breath another day.

It does not sound like you are having a migraine just a bad headache. If you honestly believe it is a migraine, go to your doctor and get it diagnosed and medicated! I have been without a bad episode for almost five years now thanks to the pharmacology miracles of the 21st century!

Hi Mel,

I get them too. The first time I was in my late teens and helping on the farm. I was ploughing (yes folks, women can plough!) miles from anywhere when my vision suddenly went wonky. I stopped, turned the engine off and fumbled my way down the steps to the ground, sitting down against a wheel. This is it I thought. Brain tumor, stroke, divine retribution for dumping someone… I suppose they’ll just find me slumped here.

Apparently there is no certainty over precisely what causes migraine, but the theory is that some external stimulus - it could be food, activity or even (in my case) very bright light - causes a nerve impulse that triggers a massive release of seratonin which in turn leads the blood supply to the brain first to slow, as the arteries supplying the brain contract, and then as seratonin levels plunge, leads blood vessels within the brain to expand and become inflamed - giving a pounding headache, distorted vision etc.

For me, the best way of dealing with it is to stop work, go and sit somewhere quiet and close my eyes until the visual distortions cease. I find that caffeine makes the experience worse.

Take a day off and go to bed. Make sure you get up to eat at the usual times but get as much sleep as possible. It works for me, hope it works for you.

K x

I had a couple when I was expecting Lucy. I took 4 soluable paracetamols in a small tumbler and knocked them back like shots. I also got one of these and laid down in a dark room, which 100% took the edge off.