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Mercury Blutooth headset # 2

After having bought these Mercury bluethooh earphones review# 1 at the Excel Bike Show in February this year, I was very please with this headset. However, it recently developed a fault in which the mic didn’t work, which meant I could not use them to answer calls handsfree.

I called Mercury and arranged to take them back (as I was passing through their area, Gatwick). Very friendly staff, who said they will replace them with a different set, which although does not have the ability to answer calls handsfree (i.e. just speaking into the mic), I was happy to accept.

They promised a turn around time of within a week. They had actually did it the following day though, and I was happy to ride down and collect them.

For those of you who are considering a custom moulded Blutooth headset, Mercury are certainly worth entertaining. This set retails at £150, has a two year warranty. Any repairs done after the warranty period is a for the set price of £40 which includes postage.