Memorial Ride - 7th August 2011

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Message from t’other arf aka Weaver:

"Apologies for the long winded post.

I wasn’t going to organise a ride this year, but a few people have asked me to do so and then I heard that London Bikers have lost two popular forum members this year, one of whom I knew myself, so I decided that I should organise something.
This year’s ride is Sunday 7th August. As usual, meet at the Silver Ball - between 9:00 and

10:00 to stagger breakfast service. Hopefully Sam (Snap) will be there to talk to everyone

and the intention is for three groups of riders - first group to set off around 11:00/11:15 so that the last group sets off by 11:30/11:45.

Please remember that though the Silver Ball does good food and is friendly, the car park is dreadful so please take extra care on entering and riding within it and please try and avoid the potholes!

This year’s charity is again SERV aka Blood Runners.

There is a fund raising page set up at Just Giving so to make it easier to get the money in and to get the extra from the government too. However, you can still pay on the day if you prefer. People tend to pay £10 for the ride but we won’t object if you give more and if you cannot afford that much then we will understand - any amount is still of benefit to the charity! Link to JG -

We will have t-shirts – red this year – but for these I need to be paid in advance. Sorry but I can’t afford to buy them in anticipation of possible sales. They will be £10 each and I need to have your order by 17th July.

I have a Paypal account so please pm RO for the e-mail. Please remember to mark it as a gift to avoid fees so as much as possible from the sales can go to the charity. Alternatively you can send a cheque but I would need these orders by 8th July to allow clearance time.


S – 38”. M – 40”, L – 42”, XL – 44”, XXL – 46”, 3XL – 48”, 4XL – 50”

I suggest if unsure go bigger as all t-shirts usually shrink a bit and if too big you can always wash them in really hot water to ensure they do! J

Thank you everyone.”

Groups for the ride: Intermediate


Weaver (Leader)



Furry Biker



Tim R (Leader?)



Ian J

Bob B (TEC)


Indian Fazer 600


Please post in which group you would like to ride. Hopefully our usual suspects will be available for leading and tail gunning.

Me pootle

may even take a interesting route back again :smiley:

this is a good opportunity for those who missed puppys ride
to . .
Ooh silver ball car park . . . A adventure in itself . . . Not to be missed i can assure .

I would really love to come on this, particularly as it’s two days after my dad died last year, so to me it would be a fitting tribute to him, as well as a wonderful memorial for Guy and other much loved departed LBers.At present though I am out of London looking after my mum who was very recently diagnosed with pretty advanced colon cancer, so not sure how things will pan out.

Please put my name down though. Since my bike is in London and I don’t have it up here I’ll be out of practise and will opt for the pootle. I know Tim is a great pootle leader also:) I’ll also order a size small T shirt please.

Thanks for posting this. I was sad to miss Puppy’s ride although I attended his memorial, which was very touching indeed and a real reminder of the solidarity shown by LBers to one another in hard times.

as per usual; we will be there, will go into which ever group you need us in.

I will be there too

Pootle group please,

If BM BOB (my once a year man :smiley: ) cant make it i can tailgun the pootles

Assume this will be 125 friendly as usual

Ps will email you with my t-shirt requirement

I had to Google ‘Silver Ball’, found the car park here …

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Silver Ball Transport Cafe, London Road, Reed, Royston, Hert’s SG8 8BD Tel. 01763 848 200

Open:- Mon to Thurs 06am to 10pm, Fri 06am to 9.30pm, Sat & Sun 06am to 3.30pm :wink:

Trisckie - not sure if there will be three groups this year but whatever we do it will be 125 and learner friendly. Not so many people are interested which is why this will probably be the last one.

Please add me to the list.

Just paid for my t-shirt

See you soon :wink:

Find a picture of it on a good day why dont you …

Can you take me out of the advanced group and stick me in Tim’s Pootle ride?:smiley: Considering my recent bad luck with getting done for speeding at 80mph, on a completely deserted open 70mph dual carriageway, by a copper with a speed gun, I am taking no risks with my license;)

Plus it will be really nice to go on a Tim ride again - it’s been a long time!

Please note i am not an organiser/leader am just an attendee Hels … I will be leading a group up to the Silver Ball But From Silver Ball to Clacton Its not my ride but the pootle group will be my location BUT from Clacton Home well its business as usual :stuck_out_tongue: ps Redone … Think Gem will be Pootle group …

No problem Tim - and of course I’ll be happy to take charge of the Pootle group from Clacton Home LOL :D:P (although we may end up in Timbuctoo knowing my sense of direction or maybe the western isles of Scotland):wink:

Lol if you can get us from clacton to scotland without anyone noticing good im in :stuck_out_tongue: ( don’t worry Hel your safe have a nice return journey planned and a nice sustenance point too )…

Just a reminder that if anyone else wants t-shirts they need to let Weaver know asap and pay for them too, so that she can order them. Please pm for paypal e-mail addy.


OK - need to pay for my T shirt - so will get your pay pal details via PM.

Hope it’s not too late to pay!

PM sent with details - you still have time. They will be ordered this weekend.

There is an error message that comes up when I try to pay by Paypal, so either I can transfer direct to your bank when back in London tonight, or ride over to yours / ace / wherever suits with the cash.

Will await further info via PM.



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