Me_groovy's top tip of the day. Jump on a bargain

I’ve always fancied an SV650, but it had to be the gen1 curvy faired model.
Found one on ebay, electrics had all died. Won it for less than £300. 44000 miles.

Picked it up, got to work on it. Found someone had used choc blocks and some sort of melting crimp on a new starter solenoid. Wiring had corroded and wasn’t passing current anymore.

Replaced with solder heat shrink, less than 30 minutes effort and it’s all working again.


Bike is now taxed and MOTed!

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MOT’d before the tracer?

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Well done Mian.

Wow my third ever bike! I went to Spain on one of these, very good bikes and once serviced properly they can go on forever! Suspensions are a bit soft so you might want to address that. Also you might want to try and fit the belly pan fairing as it looks wicked and protect from rust which they are prone.

LOL. One more bike :joy:

Would make a nice track bike? :thinking: Come for a spin with us!


How about Donny on the 15th of may?
(I’m already booked with a couple of others)

This is the plan.


Update: checked the tyre dates today. They were made in 2003. So I’m going to try and find a pair of replacements tomorrow of some description!

20 year old tyres pass muster on an MOT!

I appreciate the age of the tyres doesn’t come within the scope of an MOT but I’d have expected some signs of ageing to raise an eyebrow and Defect.

This is my £250 SV
Bike had been left out in the elements and not used since covid
Fuel pump was seized
Now sorted and waiting for me to decide what to do with it


A former client, Trouty, used to race an SV650 and got a few podium places on it.

Isn’t there a racing category dedicated to SV650’s?

Mini twin, sv650, er6 mt06 and rs660 can enter now afaik.
Was just sv and er for a while though

There you go @me_groovy the track is calling :wink:

How many bikes do you now have still a garage full ?

8 at the moment

something’s never change.

And how many are ready for use?


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