March the 1st, new bikes????

So that time of year is nearly here (new registrations) so is anyone out there gettin a new ride…? Im counting down the days to my R1, so has anyone else fallen for the sales pitch?

New Trumpet 675

torn between

Yamaha 1000 Fazer
Honda CB1300 S

2 friends have just each paid for a GSXR600 K6 and another has bought a 675.

What am I getting?

Older, that’s what! and still no chance of getting a new bike to replace my 1994 ZZR11

I hope you all enjoy your new bikes!

well if i hadnt got a deal i would have probably kept my R6, and if i had even though i wanted something new riding that around would still have bought a smile to my face which is probably what your ZZR does & thats what its all about…

You are right of course! The ZZR does everything (almost), and it still goes like stink after 12 years.

It has recently been derestricted and had the Gixer brake caliper upgrade

I would like a new bike, but paying off my camera and buying a new PC are top of my list at the moment.

I want a Supermoto!!!

I would love to buy a new Gixer 750 but fat chance of affording it on temp wages!

Oooo no need to shout mate!! LOL at least I can read it without glasses, damn age.

I always pay respect to ZZRs. There’s something still special under that plastic, even in 600 guise. Unless it’s a twisty road

Those new K6’s are gonna be the tool I reckon. But full of character? Mmmm not so sure. Can’t wait to line up the Trumpet with Hen’s R6, Cezar’s ZX6 and a new GSXR6. Some sight that’ll be.

Sounds like he is asking for a race!

The thought was never further from my mind Occifer.

Just watch out for Chris if he gets a new motor will spank ya all

Bah they’ll all look pants compaired to my crash damaged F-Sport

Love the ZZR’s it was the first 150mph 600 I seem to remember! Now thats an achievment for the lardy old girl!

you assume Cezar will actually let his beast on to the road.

I think the weather is only good enough 3 days of the year in London, lol

Well was going to get the S4R but the insurance was nuts, and I mean nuts

So the deal’s almost done on the S2R. Yum single sided swingarm, yum high exhaust, yum corsa stripe and yum 30mm higher seat

Truly a job well done mate.

Can’t wait to see what is almost (S4R sadly) the best looking bike in production IMHO.


Thanks mate. Still won’t be ableto keep up with you going ooop narf

Red and white, what other colour can a Duc be?

Yummy yummy. You’ll get the most glances.

Matching kit I hope…

Well… I’m pretty much down for a K6 1000 although there was some whisperings of the 750 although I was trying to block them out… oh and then I got offered a 2005 R1 for 1500miles for silly money…

Or I could just keep the beast with 15,000 miles on and give it a rebirth and new shock, fork internals and the like…