March the 1st, new bikes????

Decisions decisions.

All good options tho, so no down side I guess!

Seriously thinking about a ZX-6R as there are some blinding deals on them what with the new stuff from Yam, Suzi, etc. Also that big engine sounds good.

Need to go do some test rides though first. I am being taunted by the idea of a second hand RSV Mille though… May have a better idea after Ally Pally.

Naa, still keeping the stealth gear

Might all change at Ally Pally though

Can’t decide… HELP!!!

Black (remembering I shall add mods ensuring black trimings when possible)

or White/Red (a bit more common and would add red trimmed mods when possible)

I am swinging towards black, and a few people have also mentioned black, but I need a vote of confidence…




I think the black one. How about a lawson rep green Kawasaki ZRX1200…

Get the red and white one… so you can keep wishing you got the S4R

“And as if by magic, the shopkeeper appeared”

(Mr Ben anyone)

Oooh suits you sir.

Red & white is my choice. Not a big ‘black’ bike fan tho so slightly biased.

Still reckon the Fazer1000 is a more exciting machine mind…

Lawson 12 - now that’s a real muscle bike Steve! Gotta be good deals all over them?

as sweet as that bike it, and I would love to run a ducati,
I just don’t think I can live with it as an everyday bike.

Andrew, I like the old Fazer shape better, the new one is a bit basic and like my cbf has scooter styling with the headlights.
Many magazines are not rating the fazer highly, having only the R1 derived engine seems to be an agreed plus point. The rest rates poorly.

The CBF1000 has everything I want in a bike, except the style is not striking. While Chiswick Honda were attempting to get me to sign for a VTR firestorm (Dec 05, 3 miles only, still on display since deliverd to dealer, £5k - decided no as tank range is an issue). They tried to get me to reserve the cbf1000 while I noticed a £700 price difference for the CB1300 S. With only £700 difference and still being a grand cheaper than the new fazer 1000 it took my interest highly.

This is a confusing situation for me, I have yet to get a quote for any of the one litre bikes for insurance, and the 1300 is the same insurance group as the fazer (ins grp 15). So should only be a marginal difference no matter which one I go for.

At the end of this, come March, I will probably end up just keeping my bike and saving for a flat (or buy both bikes, lol)

Do what feels right man. The honda will def feel a better bike. They will all feel a whole lot more than your current steed.

You been reading Bike’s long term test of the CB1300s ? I can email you scanned copies if you like.