Man with a van?


I can’t remember who it was who had a van that could be used to carry a bike. Can they put their hand up please?

I need to get my little one down to Essential Rubber before the end of this week, and wanted to compare the cost of their service to hiring a Streetvan for a few hours and doing it myself.

Anyone know?


If it’s just a leaking valve, you can surely (maybe) pump it up then ride it down there (or somewhere closer!)

Nah, was completely unable to pump it up on Saturday night. Pushed from one station to another, got DanieGT down with his electric pump which also didn’t work. Something is wrong that I can’t fix. :unsure:

Definitely the valve, i.e. there’s not a puncture you haven’t seen yet?

P.S you won’t need a van if you just pop the wheel off, then it opens up ‘mate with a car’ possibilities…

I don’t think it’s a puncture. I couldn’t/can’t see anything, and it’s a tubeless tyre too, so it would have gone down a lot quicker before I took the cap off. Went to pump up the tyres, took the cap off and it just wouldn’t pump up at all, only kept deflating.

Was thinking of taking the tyre off, and getting it fixed, that was the first plan suggested by DanielGT and Schmidt, but am a bit concerned about realigning it when we put it back on. Not sure if I/we could do it with confidence.

the allignment marks/adjustment won’t change, you just take the axle out.

I’d be looking at a local tyre shop to change the valve…what’s the area in case there’s anyone nearby?

North London - Near Wood Green, Crouch End.

This is near enough to me.

Anyone used them before?

Is there anything else I should be concerned about taking it on and off myself? Things I can’t think of?

ive got a van but am no good to you as im down in dorset,

this is a really simple job, if i was about id pop round and do it for you.

pop to a local tyre shop and just ask how much for a valve, most of em will just give you one for free, take your wheel out, use a tyre lever to hold the tyre down giving you access to the valve, pop the old one out using pliers, soap the new one up, pop it in gently pull it through till it sits in correctly, take tyre lever out, blow it up!

wheel out is a much cheaper/easier/better option than hiring a van :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Making sure the brake pads are in the right place (either side of the disk is traditional) is about all I can think of…

if you want it taken to essential rubber i will do it for you, BUT it will cost you a cup of tea at blackheath

it’s a 125er, so has drum brakes :slight_smile:

There is Motoden but not sure if they do tyres.

57 Tottenham Lane, N8 9BD

I shall call them now and check. I’m think they do something other than sell bikes there; I’ve been in there, but haven’t seen a garage out the back. Maybe I wasn’t looking hard enough.

Alex you are GOLD - always believe in your soul. Thanks for the tips.

adam h, I’m not entirely confident about doing this unsupervised having never tinkered with a bike much before, but I’ll give it a go. I’m sure I can take the wheel off; it’s just the rest. I will take it to wherever I can find nearby to replace the valve. I don’t mind paying for that.

andyp69, if I get totally overwhelmed and freak out that I have farked it all up, and can’t put it back together I will give you a call. :smiley:

Schmidt, don’t laugh at my little doobah bike. I love it so no one else has to.

Thank you chaps.

a) not laughing, just stating it has drum brakes
b) at least you accept it now being a doobah bike :stuck_out_tongue:

I have always accepted it as a doobah bike.

Though what I have found highly amusing is the reaction of my male friends, none of whom have any interest or knowledge of riding a bike.

When I first got it, one friend came over just to see it. He doesn’t even drive, and has never been around any kind of bike at all. He said “Oooh, it’s a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be.” :laugh:

I asked if he wanted to sit on it, which was met with a very excited “YEAH!!!” So he sat on it - he couldn’t touch the ground because he’s a [email protected]

I asked if he wanted me to start it, “HELL YEAH!!!” even more excited. So I started it.

He said, “Ooohhhh, that’s quite a pleasant throb, isn’t it?”

At which point I stopped it immediately. No one throbs on my bike.

And he’s never ever going to sit on any bigger bike that I get. I don’t want boy stain on my bike.

What’s a doobah bike?

A little 125.

a putt putt bike

Take the wheel off yourself and get a mate with a car/bike to drop it off at a workshop for you!

Saves taking the whole bike in…