Man with a van?

Have you done it yet??? :slight_smile:

if I were you I’d use this and then ride down to tyre place…

@Wlodek, it wasn’t a puncture. It’s the valve. It just wouldn’t allow air into it, and just kept deflating.

@adam h, nope haven’t done it, and won’t be doing it. Perhaps an omission on my part, but a significant one, it is the back tyre. I should have said, and even though I look at it and see what I need to do to get it off, and get it back on, I just don’t have the skills to do that on my own.

I accepted andyp69’s offer of help due to his proximity to a suitable place to have it fixed (more on this in a minute), and he has just left with it all.

A bit relieved to be honest, because I didn’t really fancy resetting the chain. Andy reckons it was the right decision too. I’d love to learn this stuff one day because I want to be able to do it myself, but I can’t do it in the time frame I’ve got right now.

Massive thank you to andy p and friends who turned up. I’m still trying to get used to just how much all you guys look out for each other, and do for each other. It’s amazing. And wonderful. :smiley:

Now, this business of suitable places to have it fixed. I want to give a big SHAME to Motoden Tottenham Lane and Motoden Shoreditch. Answer your phones, people want to give you money.

so you’ll be at blackheath after all then on wednesday? :w00t:

Fingers crossed, yes.

Are you bringing your lederhosen and dancing shoes?

heh, so andyp69 will be inundated with free tea from you :smiley:

I’m bringing my regular biker gear, and my 2nd set as well, if WASP comes down, but no Bavarian lederhosen, need to get some at some point :smiley:

Yup, andyp69 will get tea. How much is tea down there? My pay day isn’t until Thursday, and I’m running low. Yes, I owe a lot of tea. :slight_smile:

I bet Wasp could make you some lederhosen.

andyp69!!! Oh dear!! His the worst person to give it to!!! check eBay quickly! Its on a 3 day auction, no reserve, cash preferred!! His a dodgy one that Andy!! :wink: :slight_smile:

They do indeed for a bargain price of £50!

anybody wanna buy a cheap 125, :slight_smile:

Sure. I’ll give you a cup of tea for it.

done deal

Cup of tea and two chocolate digestives!!

Andy, you’re a star. :slight_smile:

cup of tea, two chocolate digestives, and a cigarette :w00t:

if you get really stuck missy call “the cavalry” 07974 260 311

used them when i was a courier…bit pricey but comes to your house and if its only a valve i doubt it will be too much :smiley:

see here…


Now that is a bloody good idea. I might put that in my phone in case of tyre related emergencies.

Does he arrive in a cavalry uniform too? :stuck_out_tongue:

you have seen the horse, right?

lol :smiley:

Good stuff! puts number in his phone too
Glad you got your bike sorted!

does he do it 24/7? Since there’s no time posted…