What a colossal idiot I am.

Left the key in the ignition when I rode to the workshop today and parked up.
It was in a secure carpark and had a disc lock on it but still a very stupid thing to do.

Feeling very lucky to find it there when I got back today.
What a dope.

Street Triple with the key in… they’d probably think it was a bait-bike :cool:

LOL- possibly yes.
It is a pretty secure car park- not open to the public but still.
Must not do it again!

I’ve parked my bike up and left the key in it overnight a few times. It happens.

Yup done it myself also… At one point in time I had done it 5-6 times within the space of 2 weeks… that was when I had an alarmed garage though!

only this evening,i returned to the bike to find the keys sat on the seat where i had left them, half an hour earlier! in the fecking Sainsburys car park!!!

Lol, nice to see I’m not the only one.

Yep, left my bike in Waitrose car park for twelve and a half hours with the keys in it more than once

I’ve done it once with the old bike. I couldn’t find the keys so went back out onto the street and found them in the bike where they had been for the past 3 hours. It usually happens when you get distracted, like someone talks to you or your phone rings and that messes up your routine.

Glad I’m not the only halfwit to do this, left mine in the seat unit lock whilst I went into sainsburys a few months back. Felt sick to the stomach when I got back and noticed! But to top it off my gloves were in the “boot” and my lid secured to the latch, so they had everything they needed to safely ride off!!!

What is it with Sainsbury’s ???

Did the same last week - nice bloke sought me out in the aisles, handed me the keys and said “Don’t think you’d want to loose a nice bike like that mate”

Cheers! :blush:

Left key in seat lock for an hour parked at Bluewater.

Triang - Ross (13/05/2014)

How funny if you were just on a Scooter and he’d just handed you the keys to a nice shiny new Bike!!

Done it myself twice

  • Once at work where it’s in a secure compound in the sense that it’s got a 10 foot hoarding & gate round it, insecure in the sense that around 200 people I don’t know have access to it. Took me about 4 hours to notice I’d left it in the ignition.

  • Once at home I left the key in the seat lock. The bike’s parked in my front yard but the seat lock faces the pavement and is only a few feet behind the fence (plus it’s in south London) - the key fob is also fluorescent yellow so not easy to miss for any passing scrotes, I left it there all night and spent half an hour the next morning turning the flat upside down looking for it before going out and finding it in the bike.

The seat lock is an easy one to forget, I’ve caught myself just in time on a few occasions. I guess it’s not the usual routine and I’m usually busy faffing about taking stuff in and out so the key slips my mind.

Oh, I once left the key (along with disc lock keys, alarm fob etc) in my topbox and rode halfway home before a guy on a bike filtering behind me caught me at the lights and gave them to me. :blush:

yep, done that one too, top box key lives with the ignition key now, so I cant lock the bike without taking the key out of the ignition and I cant start the bike without locking the top box.

it doesn’t help when you just leave them on the seat and walk away though.

You are by no means alone (as this thread so far proves)

I left my keys in ignition a couple times whilst parked in a m/c bay off Regent Street to come back and find notes from good Samaritan to call them and get my keys back.

But my absolutely biggest act of muppetry was when I rode to Gatwick. Parked my bike and then flew out on a two week holiday and only realised that I left the keys in the ignition after I landed in Barbados. I had to scramble a mate to drive out to Gatwick and get my keys and, luckily, they were still there after more than 24 hours…


Nice bikes you lot have, I’m going to start following you and bag me a freebie :slight_smile:

Had it happen to me once. I put my key inside my helmet, and then put the helmet on the seat. I think I actually heard the sound of the keys hitting the ground, but just ignored it. 8 hours later I come back to my bike, started frantically looking for the key inside my pockets. I look down, and there it is, lying right next to the bike.:pinch: It was parked in one of the bike bays on the street completely in the open.

Never had this happen since I got the disclock though. It’s an alarmed disclock, so putting it on is the last thing I do before leaving my bike (otherwise I would easily set it off). My bike and disclock keys are on the same keychain, so when I lock my disclock with the key, both of them go immediately into my pocket, and off I go.

Isn’t it the second time you’ve done that now? :wink:

Now you mention it, yes I left the key in the seat lock overnight once.
It was under cover and in the front garden.