I do it all the time with the car and the bike , part of getting old I think ,also seem to forget to switch off machinery too , went in to work a week or so ago and there was my pillar drill happily spinning away, must have been on all night :laugh:

I’d be more reassured about my sanity if I did leave the key in the bike.

How’s this one… who’s taken their key out the bike, in to the house, put it in its usual place. Then gone back out to the bike to look for it convinced you’ve left it in the ignition? 5 mins of gormless panic before remembering I’d hung them up on their hook in the kitchen. DOH !!! :rolleyes:

I did that once, but was on the street luckily a bloke in the building next door saw it as a load of kids started scoping the bikes grabbed it and left a note on the bike.

Done it tonight when I got to work. Had to go back out to get my key. Doh!