Lubricating brake caliper slider pins - what to use and where to find it?


My front brake is very weak (I am not riding at the moment) so I decided to have a look. My pads have plenty of meat but need de-glazing (I will get some sand paper and brake cleaner). I am also looking to clean/lubricate the pistons and also the caliper slider pins.

After doing some reading on the net, I am a bit confused as to what to lubricate the slider pins with. People talk about special caliper slider grease (also silicone grease) or Castrol Red Rubber Grease.

They dont seem easy to find…could anyone please advise on what to lubricate with and maybe where to find the stuff?

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I’ve always used copperslip on the sliders.

You can get it from Halfords or most motor factors :slight_smile:

Use Red Rubber Grease on the pistons and seals. Copperslip on the Slide Pins and the backs of the pads.

yep… just go down to Halfords… that where I got copper grease from…

ps where are you based?

personally i wouldnt use copper slip on anything that moves…

its abrasive… stick to a good high temp grease

You sound like a bit of a mechanic mate :P:)

Saw your bike outside your work today, I had a package on :crazy: I’ll drop in next time I’m passing :slight_smile:

You had a new rear sprocket fitted by anychance ?

Copperslip is only abrasive on parts softer than the particles of copper themselves. As the pad backing and the pins are steel there is no problem there.

Did mine today - used that new-fangled spray-on copper grease that comes in the same shakey-shakey (what’re they called, now? Tip of my tongue…) cans as the new 3-in-1 oil. I’m sick of daubing my thumbs in a tub.

Also used clutch-plate cleaner for the disc; seems to work pretty well!

That’s it - aerosol cans! Duh…

I buy it in a tube . . . one small squeze for mankind, one giant leap for bike technology :cool:

To save mesy fingers I’ve got an old suds brush permanently dipped in my Copperslip:)

Ditto, 'cept don’t use Halfords… those cheap tuggers probably don’t put any copper in… or grease… its probably lard with shredded toy money two pence pieces to achieve the right colour… Halfords… BOOOOOOOOO

Copper grease, copperslip, any decent engine related outlet will have it by the bucket… keep it away from the disc side of the pads though, :wink:

Thanks for your replies guys!I got some copper grease from Halfords, and I understand that you put this between the pads and the piston in order to prevent squeeling. I also found copper grease on the pins that hold the pads in the caliper, so I suppose I will apply again there.

With regards to the caliper sliders, I read on the net that copper grease should not be used because its not rubber friendly. Thats why I ordered some Castrol Red Rubber grease from ebay (its 500g so let me know if you need some!). What is your opinion on this? When I say caliper sliders I mean the pins on which the caliper slides back and forth (damn I should have taken a photo - I might do this tomorrow). These have a rubber seal on one end (does this make sense?).

Panagiotis, I remember we spoke on a greek motorcycle forum. It was you who told me about londonbikers, and I cannot thank you enough for this! At that time I was in Ealing Broadway, now I moved to Harrow on the Hill - ish. If I remember correctly, you are around Acton?

fair unuff monkey im shure it would do no lasting harm…

but its an anti seize agent not a lube :slight_smile:

is it recommended in any factory service manual i wonder?

no terry i just like the pic :slight_smile:

my 750 is not getting stunted iv spent to much on it :slight_smile:

errr but im shure ill still be getting a bit of air under one wheel or another here and there…

im saving for a second bike, got 250 quid so far know of anything :slight_smile:

I think we are talking cross purposes here Adz. I meant the pins you hang the pads off on 4 and 6 pots etc. Are you talking the slide pins on two piece calipers?

As stated, Copper grease all the way.


hehe yeah i think we are mr monkey :w00t:

i would put some on the pins to:ermm:

copper grease or lithium grease halfords copper for back of pads though

No, no, no, NO!
Guys, copperslip/ease is NOT for use on brake calipers or slider pins!
Over time the copper grease will eat your slider boots & dry up causing your calipers to seize!

Lithum grease is not suitable either… Its a bearing packing grease and is not suitable for use anywhere near a braking system as it is not water resistant enough to be able to keep the weather out and your calipers in working order.

At the VERY least use C.V grease. This is water and temperature resistant and maintains its viscosity and low friction properties under the operating temperatures.
The best thing to use is red rubber grease. Its a very versatile grease that is totally safe to use on or around rubber is temperature resistant and it will keep the weather and water out and keep your calipers tip top!

The only thing you should use copperslip on is the edges of your pads to stop them seizing in the carrier, but you will notice that after some use the copper grease turns into a gunky powder… Do you REALLY want to be using this on your slides?
At the end of the day its your choice i guess.