Love at first sight....

I’m on a proper buzz, went bike shopping with my Dad this morning!!! We had a few places on our list to visit but I saw this one from outside and it was love at first sight. I sat on it and had to have it :smiley:

Isn’t he beautiful!!!

I can’t wait to ride him, he won’t be ready til the end of next week and I’ve got a 1 on 1 lesson with my Dads mate who is an instructor next Sunday, and once I get the hang of the gears I’m going to book my CBT (I know they teach you it all there but I’ld rather not go into it not knowing)


Also got a new Shoei lid and gloves… I have a feeling the bank will be calling me tomorrow, I paid for it all straight up :smiley:

Plum passed her mod 2, you got this bike, it seems London roads are a lot less safer now than before. Not that they were safe before, but still… :stuck_out_tongue:

more chicks in leather is always a good thing as far as I’m concerned

you haven’t seen her pink clothes then yet, eh?

My pink jacket rocks, **** off Schmidt.

@ Schmidt loooooooooool

@ Karleigh just do your CBT asap. Stop being a pu**y lol. Your gonna have to do it eventually :slight_smile:

Congrats on your purchase you’ll have a blast on it :slight_smile:

Ignore the German he just wishes he could look good in Pink :wink:

I do have a pink lighter. Gotta start somewhere :w00t:

I tried on a pink and black lid too but it was made by some cheap crappy company and I nearly took my eyeballs out when I pulled it off haha

Congrats Karleigh.

Do it your own way.

Your journey begins, glasshopper :smiley:

Nice bike and good luck. Try for the CBT before the weather turns sour.

Hope you still have enough for a copy of the Highway Code? :doze:

congrats XD hope to see you up tea hut in a week or so on your shiny new bike

yeehaa , Well done Karliegh :slight_smile:

not bad choice at all :slight_smile: …good luck with your cbt and as others have said…look forward to seeing you and your new steed “ooop t’hut” in the future :smiley:

Thanks dudes, I’m proper bouncing off the walls, soo excited!

yea! congrats on the bike Karleigh:D

I rember my 1st day after picking up the bike. Will never forget that day :smiley:

Just take it easy and take your time. Get used to the bike, and you’ll soon be loving it.

I make excuses to the missus just to go out for a quick ride…LOL :smiley:

Lucky girl:) Mrs J has been drooling over one of these too.

Nice shopping !!!

What is it ? A YBR 125?

Yup, Volkard is a YBR 125 :smiley:

Is there any meening behind the name , Volkard ??