Loud Pipes

Hope your all enjoying the weekend - I was wondering about loud cans - I want loud pipes on my SV - specifically so that people are aware of my proximity when filtering through heavy London traffic/motorway - I also don’t want to p1ss off my neighbours by waking them up at 5.30/6.00 every morning (or late at night)!Is the solution to fit removable baffles - and take em out when I’m up the road (also can i leave em in when I park up - or will they get nicked?) - I’ve never had trick cans on a bike and know [email protected] all about this subject e.g. i’ll be looking to get a pair that slip straight on without any need to alter the fuelling etc.

After reading Eezyriders post on the mentoring forum about passing stationery traffic and nearly getting wiped out (when they suddenly decide to turn) because they are completely unaware of your existence (because they don’t look in their fuggin mirrors!) I am becoming increasingly convinced that loud pipes do indeed save lives - any opinions - e.g they must increase your chances out there?

Do not hesitate and buy new exhaust. I still waiting for my to come. Next week I’m gonna have proper pipes on me bike. :slight_smile:

i have no baffles on my SV it has the devil racer exhaust it’s LOUD!!!:w00t:


theres is only one can for SV’s…BLUEFLAME…

people tell me my bikes loud…i often say…‘WHAT…OH! …IS IT??’:smiley:

you will get baffles with blueflames…they are sooo much better without, and if your gentle on teh throttle in the mornings you should be fine without baffles.

or have neighbours liek mine…wich never complain!:w00t::slight_smile:

My bike had a set of akros when I bought it. I don’t think I would have ever spend that much cash before, but now that I’ve had them, I don’t think I could have a bike without

That’s settled then! Thanks for the response guys - my mind’s made up! :slight_smile:

Time to turn up the loud dial to 11! :smiley:

p.s. Ratty - you’re gonna need some very big chips to go with that fish! :smiley:

I’m convinced that loud pipes increase your presence and therefore safety.

especially going down the A40 in the evening when it’s backed up for a mile. I often have bikers letting me go first cause my bike is so loud:cool:

facking A!

SID…tis big init!:smiley:

I’ve got a Scorpion end can on my triple and the baffle is OUT! I’m gentle on the throttle in the morning and have no issues with the neighbours at all. Give it a full throttle and people cannot ignore the fact that their car windows are rattling!

loud pipe everytime,wakes up the dozy numpties in their cars

Endorse what’s gone before.

Odd bits on baffles. My can baffles are held in by an internal circlip that’s not so easy to get out. Without the clip the baffles fly out like an ancient torpedo being launched, so quick swaps aint an easy option.

If you run with the baffles out, DON’T LOSE THE BL00DY THINGS!

Sooner or later you will need them.

Cheers for the advice fellas - I think this is a serious safety issue for urban bikers - I’m sure loud pipes would have prevented a few scrapes/near misses that have happened in the past. :wink:

I guess the clever thing is to bolt the original pipes back on for the MOT?

should pass with just the baffles put back in

Cheers Viggen! :wink:

You’d never catch me with noisy cans;):smiley:

TL’s sound fantastic with loud cans - hopefully the SV will live up to it’s TL heritage when I get some decent cans on it :wink:

nah just go somewhere where they dont mind…PM me if ya need a place;)

you coming to BM on wednesday? you can hear my SV1000 with the devils:P

I’m gonna have a go at getting up there this wed Viggen mate. :wink: Most interested to hear the sound the SV is supposed to make! :wink: