Loud Pipes

ah…sid…i was’nt going BM…but if your going…i shall pop in…be good to meet ya fella;)

That would be brilliant Ratty mate! I’m really hopeing to make it on wednesday - :wink:

Not sure if she still has them for sale but Powerpuffgirl had a pair of uber sexy Yoshi cans for an SV.

Might be worth a nudge;)

Thanks for the info Chunks! :slight_smile: :wink:

kool beans dude:cool:

chunksta is correct…i remeber we was trying convince you henry that his devil cans are shite and that he needs yoshis!:w00t::smiley:

99% sure she sold them last month. her cans wouldn’t have worked for my bike anyways as i have the highmount action going on so they would have been to long.

SV1000’s sound GREAT with loud cans !