Look what i picked up today!

Well after much talk about a replacement bike, An SV, Triumph, i decided to go for a fantastic condition 97 Suzuki TL1000 S with 4000 genuine miles from new! a set of scorpions have gone on, and ive got the green model with gold wheels, yum yum! and my god it sounds awesome with the cans on…:w00t::PShes got a steering damper on and Pirelli Diablo tyres, i should be coming to wales on this!!:w00t:


nice one westie looks very sexy indeed:cool:

Nice westie :smiley:

Berry Niice :smiley:

shes so georgous and curvy, got fab gold wheels, just got to have a new mot and service.:slight_smile:

shes sat in the showroom, ive waxed her and shes got a lovely glossy coat…:slight_smile:

Funny looking SV :stuck_out_tongue: Looks mint :cool:

Go careful on that, they didn’t call 'em the ‘Widow Maker’ for nothing :w00t:

I’ll send you a link :wink:

Very seksi indeedy, Looks in great nick too. :wink:

Nice one Westie… I knew you would;):smiley:

Looks like you have found a minter there mate:)

Welcome to the Land of the Vee… Where everyone rides round with a silly grin:D

1st thing you need to do is find a pair of TLR 6 Pot calipers;)

2nd thing you need to do is join TLZone.net and TLPlanet.com:slight_smile:


oh Matt, you always confusing me regarding your bike choice. :smiley:
Great ride BTW mate. :slight_smile:

:smiley: He’s alright on that front :wink:

Nice one Westie, Mark was drooling over it and can’t wait to see & hear it in Wales.

hehe yeah its more like the widower maker for westie, well hopefully not, any funny business and shes gonna get a talking to!:smiley:

Mate that`s a beautifull looking bike.

Ooof. That is nice, next choice after a triple and a good one too! Excellent fun, steering damper will “tame” some of the widow making tendencies…!


Nice one, being a 97 bike it’s likely to be “full power”, after 97 they never seemed to make as much on the dyno.

Is it on the OE suspension?

I can hear the " thunder " already :wink:

Looks like the " twin thing " is really taking over :cool:

Mate that’s a lovely looking bike. Prob even look good next to my Ducati :stuck_out_tongue:

Ta all, im very excited!, shes booming with the cans on, luckily they came with the bike, the baffles are still in, i cant wait to pull them out! Should be collecting wednesday.:slight_smile:

nice bike m8y, i like the tls and tlr.

m8 of mine is selling a pair of yoshi tri endcans for them.

oh yeah:cool:

thats a very nice example westie! shes a beaut, i love the TL1000S, pukka bike, tis thE grandaddy of me SV:D

You better believe it…:D, you aint seen nothing yet…:wink: Ta