Look what i picked up today!

when you coming down to ace dude?i wanna hear those scorpions!:cool:

shes loud even with the baffles in, but they are gonna be coming out… i wanna shatter glass with those cans…:D, hope to be down next monthish, otherwise May…

niiiiice:D i heard, or read rather that with aftermarket cans the power pulses can crack the sleeves?:w00t::w00t: mad!!! theres a red one i see at ace…ear bleeding it tis! almost as bad as dhoftys KTM;)

look forward to hearing it roar!:smiley:

well its one of those things, some report problems, others say its fine…

true, sod it!! baffles out:cool::w00t:

ooooooo… I bet she sounds sooooo sweet, get down to the ace sharpish! oooo actually I might be going up north in a couple o weeks might pop round and say hello, (to the bike that is) :smiley:

well how damn rude! hehe, ya more than welcome!:smiley:

Big twins rip the hell out of budget cans. You should be OK with any quality brand.

these cans are solid! they look so nice too…:smiley:

very nice mate,its a bit of an animal:)


Nice looking cans there Westie… Rollin’ Thunder:cool:

nice new pics:)

just looks like it wants to tear your arms off!:D:w00t:

what bike you getting next??

“How VERY dare you!”

damn! just noticed - 4000 miles in 11 years! Something must be up!

shes been in a garage for the past 3 years, used ocasionally, shes certainly gonna get a few more miles now ive got her…:slight_smile:

Go on my son!
Give it to 'er!

sex starved are we?:smiley:

Well, I’m very busy at the moment!

Just try to bring you back from the dark side. :wink:

Nice find there Westie! I am the owner of a red/white 97 TLS, great fun they are:D

If you are about, there are a few of us in London with TL’s that ride, you are always welcome to tag along to add to the thunder;)