London Gym

I’m looking/needing to join a gym based in London, whilst google brings up the results of what’s about I’m more looking for first hand experiences of gyms within London. I used to go to the gym 3-4 time a week and now I’m not doing anything I’m struggling to keep weight off.

I do a lot of free weights generally but I do like gym’s with a fair amount of features, such as pools and steam rooms though.

Anyone know any places, also what are the prices like? I’m loath to start another contract gym but I don’t think I’m going to find anywhere else suitable for my needs.

I’d avoid central London as they do tend to charge a lot more.

These guys have one of theirs just at the back of London Bridge. Has a really nice atmosphere: they might have a place close to you. - the hendon one is very nice, plenty of free weights from what i can remember… not sure if they have a rack or power cage etc

Fitness first is poser central and mega busy at peak times was only £45 a month but i found myself not using it when i wanted to due to the people.

Virgin active is more professional costing £55+ but wasnt run by monkeys nor full of beef cake posers hogging the machines in a group of ten ready to check eachother out in the locker after

9 out of ten say they like gang rape:w00t:

Haha it was like they came out of prison but wanted to stay together and was always in their group compairing who got the most definition

im looking at LA fitness at the moment as my Virgin Active monthly fee will go up from £15 to £63!! (via Pru health)

I’m a member at fitness first Covent garden, it’s a platinum membership, not all that busy other than a monday, £50p/m, and you get to use any fitness first except the extra special clubs.

Might give fitness first a shot, there’s one very near to where I work. Although last time I looked around fitness first they wanted to charge me £120 to join and tried to palm me off with some story about it being a “body MOT” when in actual fact it was just a basic introduction they do at every single gym.

I’m with Fitness First. There at least 3 times a week.

Yes there is a few posers there, same as most gyms though. My home club is small though very very friendly. Within a few weeks most of the staff got to know me and made me feel very welcome.

My membership is recipricol and I can use any of their gyms apart from the few posh ones they have. I pay about the £40 a month and joined as a ‘Jumpstart’ member. Think that was £60 for 6 weeks and with 3 PT sessions thrown in - very good deal.

I then joined up as a full member towards the end of a Calendar month - they have targets to reach and I think by me umming and aahing a wee bit that that brought the price down.

I have been a member of Fitness First for about a year now. I have a black label membership which is the top level, and allows me to use any club they have. I was fortunate enough to know someone who worked there so I got it for £33 p/month. I’m currently in my month’s notice period for cancellation though as I haven’t been going and there is a gym right near my work for £37 p/month with no contract.

The one I’m joining is a uni gym but anybody can join, it’s a mixed bag in there I’m told:

I’ll have to check some of these out, cheers.

there is virgin active on cricklewood lane aswell!

When I worked on New Oxford St we were offered a membership at the YMCA - yes it sounds camp but they’ve got some good facilities and a swimming pool, not bad for a central london gym - no idea of costs as it was a few years ago.

Just hold on tight to the soap? :wink:

i’d go for Fitness First.If you get a black or platinum membership you can use more or less all their branches.

i have a choice of 5 within 5 minutes of my office as well as one 10 minutes from home.

Not bad for £30 - £40 a month i reckon.throw in a permanent locker and a towel for an extra tenner and the jobs a gud’un

Didn’t see Barry denying it…:Whistling:

Not on Bedford Street is it? That one is full of gays and they do things in the changing rooms in public. I wouldn’t use the sauna.