London Ground Anchors


So I’m getting my first bike soon, I live in the Camden borough and don’t have any means of garage. I was looking at getting an Alamax or Pragmasis chain to secure it over night to one of the ground anchors in the street.

Does anyone have experience with these anchors in terms of what size of chain can be fitted through. Ideally I’d get a 22mm but I guess may have to go 19mm if it wouldn’t fit.



Hey Peter welcome to LB.

In terms of fit I’m not to sure. My advice would be though use more than one lock on the bike regardless both of those chains have good reputations for the record.

I’ll go and measure my Almax V later and let you know. The links are 22mm but their bulk combined with the way the chain fits together means you’ll need a much bigger gap than that to fit it into. To give you an example I spent ages getting it to fit between my front wheel and the brake disk on my 600RR before I was able to find a way to lock it via the back wheel.

As a product I really rate it but it’s difficult to get a sense of it without seeing it. In addition each link weighs 1KG so it’s an anchor in itself.

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Regardless of what chain you get, I’d add a cover that covers it properly and chain it overnight… Maybe with a disclock on from to all keep the front bit of cover secure

The less people see it, the better. Of can always be spotted parking but it’s about reducing possibility.

I did it for my first year and it was a faff, but I only realised when o stopped doing it when I moved to a garage…


Welcome, from a fellow-Camden resident.

Welcome aboard @ptimson!

Good advice here. One thick one or two thinner chains, cover and maybe a disc-lock. Sounds extreme but street-parking in London can be a high-risk affair. Don’t forget a Tracker for your bike as well if you can.


Yes an Oxford Stormex has locking loops so you can lock it down to the bike. That will put a lot of thieves off because it’ll be such a faff to get at the bike.

Probably worth fitting a second cheap one as well in case they find the first one!

Wow great advice so far thanks! Yes I’ll be getting a cover and disk locks aswell as locking with it with the strong chain / lock to the anchor. Potentially a tracker too!

My main concern is if the ground anchor will fit a 22mm chain. @Joby that would be great if you could measure it thank you! I would be interested how you’re locking with it too.

Mine is locked to a cast iron lamp post.

Just remember, if they really want it, they’ll have it no matter what you do to it.

All you’re doing is slowing them down. You’ll need to balance how much you can with what would stop you from enjoying the bike. Personally I struggled with daily use and carrying a chain back and forth to work (plus cover as I didn’t have anywhere to leave it). Within a month I was just using a disc lock at work. Then we got underground parking.

But still at home I was getting fed up, especially in winter after a commute, when I was wet and cold, having to spend mins in the cold trying to put cover on, loop chain through. Meanwhile my helmet was getting soaked cause there was nowhere dry to leave it… soon I only was covering it if it was staying for more than just overnight

So the other thing to consider is how flash/new/dope (insert acronym here) bike you want to get… If I was buying for daily use in London, I’d be buying something I wouldn’t cry if I scratched… Because you will…

Don’t mean to be dispiriting but leaving a nice shiny bike on the streets and using every day in London, it’s only a matter of time till someone knocks it, tries to steal it, or actually succeeds in getting it

You’ll probably enjoy a bike that you don’t care that much about more than a bike that you do. My old CB500 I could leave anywhere and was happy to thrash it. The RR I’m worried about scratching.

I’m actually thinking about an old school cb500 now… if it wasn’t that they’re so old and it can be pot luck as to whether you get a decent one, I’d buy one happily.

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Great advise from everyone I would also Suggest you get a decent tracker.

That’s good advice. As well as the risk of theft, one of the main problems parking on the street is packed bike bays. The bike I use most around town is an eleven year old Piaggio and it’s well battered and scratched.

“People” will move it to wedge their scooter in a gap that doesn’t exist in a parking bay. Yes people are scummy.

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For a series 5 22mm I’d recommend a gap of at least 150mm. You might get away with less if the chain stays in the anchor and you only have to wrestle it in once.

I have a mate selling their black hornet 600 if that floats your boat?

Great thanks @Joby I’m going to measure the size of the anchors when I’m back from holiday

Solid advice above … I also would say it’s worth thinking about who’s around you when getting her out / locking up. It’s becoming a common issue around me for people clocking a regular commuter schedule and waiting discreetly while you unwrap your pride and joy for their convenience.

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